Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Fun ~ 07.07.13

Happy Monday! The weather was fantastic here in Toronto on Saturday, which followed by a miserable Sunday with series of horrendous thunder storms.  Luckily, the sun is back out and Monday is shaping up to be a bright + warm day.  Before I kick start another busy week, it is time to share some of my happy moments over the weekend.

I started off Saturday morning at the Beaches (after dropping off the car in the area for detailing), in my belated 4th of July outfit, enjoyed an early shot of Yogurty's, and tempted to ask where these hot fellas were off to in their Viking hats.

Chris and I also passed by this beautiful library, and I suddenly felt like I was in a chapter of the Harry Potter novels.  The arched front door, the giant owl, the architectural details of the building, and ceiling of quiet reading area had me transformed into a 13 year-old wizard in training.

We went home for a little refreshment, a moment of admiration re: my peonies, and a changed of outfit later, we were off for another relaxing walk in quite neighbourhoods + I found more inspirations for my future home:

* front porch with a barrel curve
* Hamptons inspired retreat with an extended car porch leading to the garage at the back

In the evening, we had a reservation at Cafe la Gaffe for Summerlicious and the 3-course meal was to die for.  Summerlicious is on until July 21st, so be sure to check out your favourite restaurants and enjoy the summer in Toronto!

We wrapped up our lovely Saturday with a walk after dinner and we came across Cafe Plenty.  It was closed for the weekend but I am surely coming back to check out this bistro inspired space with crisp white subway tiles, natural wood table and floating shelves, industrial style pendants + stools, and a touch of Martha with the bead board/ panel details.  LOVE!

image via Cafe Plenty
As for Sunday ... this video sums it all up: every moment I spent with Chris is memorable.

So how was your weekend? 


  1. So many things to love from this post so I'll list them all out:

    - The red walls of the library
    - Your striped tank top
    - The subway tile in Plenty
    - Beautiful pink peonies
    - How British it was that you continued BBQing in the rain (we're used to doing that over here, too!)

    All in all, looks like a grand weekend! Cheers, Mr!

    1. Oh Will ... you're the best! BBQing in the rain was quite something I have to say, especially with thunders and lightings as backdrop.


  2. Just catching this post... how funny you thought Monday would be bright and warm! Mother Nature had other ideas ;)

    1. Totally! What a day it turned out to be. Glad to hear your home is all good ... sorry about your sister's home. Mississauga took a bad hit.