Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Fun + DIY Wallpaper Sneak Peek

Happy Monday! Did you have a great time on the weekend? The weather was beautiful with bright blue sky and cool summer breeze with no humidity.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Many stores are dressed for the season of course, but West Elm top the chart with their casual, classic aesthetics for summer living.  With a sensation feature wall (it is a DIY project by the West Elm Toronto team ... you should try it at home too), a pile of feather filled pillows in pale aqua, light lavender, creamy white, and dove grey, and an incredible capiz shell chandelier, I am set for my refined country retreat.

I had a lot of fun chatting with Sam at West Elm.  Thanks Neil for the great tour and taking this fantastic picture for us.  Remember my dining room/ home office "situation" Chris had proposed a while back, Sam offered me tips and advice on how to make it happen.  I will share the story with you a little later on.  Now if you want tips on how to create the dream summer home this season, you have got to pick up a copy of the summer issue of Chatelaine! It is the perfect summer read and Sam offers many tips on how to transform your home in this beautiful magazine.

Chris and I went for a hike on the weekend and we came across this contemporary stunner at the end of our trail.  This handsome is definitely going into my dream house folder.  I also loved this flowering tree, anyone knows the name of this tree? I may need to have one in my future backyard.

My May/June weekends wouldn't be completed without a trip to the farmer's market at the St. Lawrence market for these magnificent peony blooms.  Will I see you there this Saturday?    

Project Rental is wrapping up over the next couple of days (big news to share with you very shortly).  In the dining room/ den, we are attempting the impossible: putting wallpaper in a rental where nothing is allowed to apply to the walls.  Thanks Home Depot Canada for providing me with all the wallpaper essentials I need for this DIY project.  The gorgeous geometric wallpaper is from Cole & Son.

It was a lot of fun and the end result looks great, considering it was my first time wallpapering.  Now if you are wondering why I was wallpapering on the floor ... well, you will have to wait and see what I am up to next.

A short trip to HomeSense returning a few items led me to a pair of charming mirrors.  They are sensational and the one of the left has just the right character and patina for a beautiful eclectic look in my dining room don't you think? 

I guess the season has started late and spring is still in the air.  The pigeon couples are back at my balcony and though I first thought they were cute when they built a love nest on my grass last year, I'd soon learned that they were not too "tidy".  Friends have told me that owls will do the trick to scare them away and these are the potential candidates I found at HomeSense.  Think they will work?  If not, I am hoping this giant sea bird will do!

pigeon image via
Lots of work ahead over the next few days.  Wish me luck!


  1. The owl did not work for us the birds just sat on its head:)

    1. no hey? I have been acting like an owl to chase them away every morning hoping they won't come back.