Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainbow Colors w/ Sarah Richardson

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here and it is all about rainbow colours.  That's right folks, Pride is in town and the fun festivities have already started!  Chris and I will be hanging out with friends in the village and perhaps a walk in High Park as well.  If you are looking for larger than life entertainment and high energy hospitality, you have got to check out the Church & Wellesley area.

In keeping with Pride spirit and to celebrate the overturned of Prop.8 + DOMA on gay marriage, I decided to share with you my favourite Sarah's Rooms in Pride style.  If you think spaces designed by Sarah must be white on white + cream ... well, think again! Here are few sensational rooms dressed in every color from the rainbow!

This basement is nothing but ordinary.  In fact, you would have never guested this is a basement!  It has high ceiling, large windows + a walk-out to flood this naturally dimmed space with light.  The daring tomato red accent wall sets the tone for a bold, preppy family hangout spot.  I love the sense of playfulness from the striped fabric as window treatment and how the soft grey adds sophistication to the space.

image via Sarah Richardson Design
This dining room in Season 4 of Design Inc. is definitely one of my favourites.  This subtle shade of orange is muted and not over powering.  In fact, I find it soothing and this dining room is making me hungry!  The pale ocean blue is a great pairing to the orange and Sarah has applied a similar color scheme at her office during my last visit.  Isn't that dreamy? 

dining room image via Sarah Richardson Design
Sarah's House Season 1 is elegant and exquisite, and this beautiful den/ home office with honey mustard yellow as accent scored A+.  Yellow is a tricky color to use as a misstep on the shade or application may result in a need of sunglasses upon entering the room.  Here this cheerful hue is applied as drapes and other small doses via pillows + decorative accessories, while keeping most furniture pieces and walls in creamy white.  With other black & brass accents, this room definitely reads yellow, glamorous, and it is fabulous!

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Kelly Green, Emerald Green ... I just love this Jude Bench dressed in the most sumptuous shade of green + crisp pipping in white.  Similar to the yellow room, Sarah has proven once again you don't need to paint the entire room green to achieve the desired effect.

image via Sarah Richardson Design
I felt in love with this classy yet youthful dining room in Tiffany blue the moment I saw it.  The vintage Murano glass chandelier, the whimsical polka dot fabric on the Cole dining chair (I scored a few yards of this fabric before they were sold out) and the huge mirror for an extra glam factor ... man what is not to love?  Sarah's favourite color combination is pale blue & muted apple green, and here is the color combo right at Sarah's own home.

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Can't get enough of these rooms!  One is a condo high in the sky and one is an inspiring exhibition put together within a short few days, both absolutely sensational.  I am crazy about those retro chairs and that rich navy blue rug with diamond motif ... LOVE!!  To warm up this cool blue & white palette and to up the character in both spaces, Sarah added natural wood via classic art deco treasure + a vintage writing desk.  Timeless classic my friends!

image via Sarah Richardson Design
A plum room made easy by Sarah with a success-proof formula: delicious plum + exotic creamy silk + luxe silvery grey + a hint of fuchsia.  Who wouldn't want to come home to this decadent living room with a glass of martini in hand after a day of hard work? Toss to that!  

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Are you feeling inspired? I definitely am!  I would love to know which color is your favourite and do drop me a note on how you would use it in your home!

Happy Pride + Love Is Love!!

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