Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project Rental: DIY Wallpaper Panel

Hello Wednesday! How is your week so far? Mine has been insanely crazy between my finance brain by day and the creative juices by night to finish up Project Rental.  It has been challenging but also hugely rewarding to see it transformed from bare builder basic to now a cozy, comfortable, stylish home.  I've told you on Monday I'd tackled my first ever wallpaper job on the weekend and let me just say it was nerve-wracking.  Well it really wasn't all that difficult, but it was my first time wallpapering myself and it has a pattern that must be straight.  It was also easier since I was doing it one the floor, as we are putting the paper on foam board first and then apply the panel on the wall.  

This hexagon paper from Cole & Son is stunning and that foil gold detail is breathtaking.  If you want an instant sophisticated glam in your space, this is your paper!  Also for you DIY wallpaper-ers at home, the Home Depot has all the tools you need to make your wallpaper project a success.  Here is a step-by-step illustration on "how to hang wallpaper " by the experts at the Home Depot, and this guide saved my life!

Now here is my version of a step-by-step guide on how to creating wallpaper panels.  For all you renters out there where landlords prohibit any form of decoration being applied to all walls, this may be your solution.  In our case, we started with two foam boards.  I picked foam boards because they are light weight, easy to cut, and affordable.  The height of the feature wall requires two boards for coverage.  I could have done the boards individually, but Chris suggested to have them taped together as one piece so the paper wouldn't have a seam in the middle.  This also made it easier to wallpaper.  

Once we finished taping the boards together at the back, we flipped the piece over and put clear tape at the seam for extra hold.  The last thing I want is the boards separating during transport and ruin the wallpaper.

With prep work out of the way, we are ready for the fun part.  Be sure to do a dry run of where the paper will go, make sure it is lined up with the straight edge (especially when you have a patterned paper like mine).  My wallpaper life saving tip: measure twice and fold once.    

The paste application process was really just like rolling paint on the wall. A thin, even coat is always recommended and in our case, Cole & Son recommended putting the paste on the wall instead of the paper.  So that was what we did.  Always read the instruction to see what works best for your specific paper.  It also helps to have a second person to assist you, especially when you want to slowly lay the paper on the board, and to smooth out any creases or air bubbles.  

Our boards were wider than the width of the paper, so we needed to apply a second strip of wallpaper.  We repeated the same process and using the first strip as our guide.  We matched up the pattern and closed off the seam.

To make sure the seam between the wallpaper is securely adhered to the boards, we ran the seam roller along the seam.   Be sure to not apply too much pressure on the boards.  After all, they are foam boards and can be dented.

Final step prior to actual installation is to let the panel rest overnight for the glue to fully set.  We also put a few books along the edges to avoid the boards being warped .  Once dried, the wallpaper may create too much tension to the foam boards and you won't want that.  So weight it down while the drying process takes place.

Want a sneak peek of the panel in place? I think you do.

See you Friday for a fun Father's Day special!


  1. love you wallpaper choice. Where did u get the wallpaper on line or at prime ? Cant wait to see more of project rental!!!

  2. It's looking great Tim!!Can't wait for the reveal:)

  3. So gorgeous! I did a wallpaper panel once and used plywood. NOT a good idea haha.

  4. Thanks so much everyone! Can only show a little detail shots for now ... great feature to come soon :)

  5. Greetings from the Mediterranean. This is totally amazing Tim. The wallpaper works perfectly with the JA sconce and the Ikea bookcase. I almost picked up the same Marilyn print for my dressing room. I will need to steal your idea and do something like this at home. Can't wait for the reveal.

    1. Thanks Michelle! So jealous of your trip ... I so needed one. Hope you have a blast and yes, the paper is amazing and I love that we were able to figure out a way to add wallpaper to the rental project! We should meet up when you are back in town. Going to BlogPodium?

    2. It would be so great to finally meet you in person. I have a wedding to go to same weekend so unfortunately I won't be able to attend BlogPodium this time. We should figure something out, grab a coffee or go on a shopping spree together. :)