Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring + Summer Living: West Elm Edition

Hello Friday! It is finally here and hooray for the sunshine we get to enjoy over the next few days.  This is indeed the first warm and absolutely gorgeous weekend we have seen since last summer, and I am planning to take full advantages of it.  Not sure what I am going to do yet but I can guarantee you I will be outdoor!

Speaking about bright, happy summer living, West Elm has done an incredible job bringing fantastically cheerful items from around the globe to indulge our visual senses.  That, my friend, is what I want to share with you today!

Are you dreaming for a sunny and warm summer vacation but couldn't go because of other commitments? Well, why not bring a little Mexico Fiesta right into your home?  In this vignette, the bold & vibrant hues, graphic patterns, and delicate paper flowers, are tempered by the cool grey Huron side table.  The Huron collection is one of my favourite at West Elm this season.  More to come later on.

Now if you fancy a trip to a tropical paradise, say Honolulu in Hawaii, check out this jaw-dropping vignette put together by the talented visual team at West Elm.  I love the strings of paper flowers (it took forever to put together I know), the trio of pendants that reminds me of paper lanterns, and hello to these sensational silk pillows with a bird motif.  HEART!! 

Still too chilling to hit the water in Toronto? Don't despair and be inspired to paint a nautical wall mural right at home.  I just can't get over the easy, breezy vibe in this vigette thanks to of course the amazing wall treatment, but I am also crazy about that rope detail on the pendent, the all white upholstery on the sofa for lightness, a coffee table with intricate wood work, the sensational glass mosaic stool in an ocean-inspired palette, and of course those fabulously bright pillows on the sofa! 

Casual Mid-Summer night dinner party is what I love the most and THIS is what I want for my dream backyard.  Beautiful and soft linen, driftwood inspired dining set (a.k.a. Dexter), plus cheerful string lights with mini shades, I am indeed in my very own private paradise.  Now I just need to work on getting a house with a backyard + mature trees.  Wish me luck on that!

image via West Elm
Since my dream backyard may still take a few years to become a reality, and for those of you who live in a condo with a small balcony, Bend is designed to bring immediate gratifiction to your outdoor oasis high in the sky.  The wire construction reduces visual weight (perfect to make the most of the limited square footage) and its bright yellow outfit surely put a smile to my face.  I may be working on a balcony transformation at Project Rental as well, and Bend is definitely a contender!     

left image via West Elm
While we are chatting about cheerful canary yellow, I just have to share with you the gorgeous Bold Stroke Dinnerware collection in my absolute favourite palette: yellow & grey.  Love how fresh and light hearted this vignette look + extra zing thanks to the hits of pale turquoise and creamy white. 

You all probably know by now that I am a sucker for animal prints, especially when it is about birdies and doggies.  Check out what West Elm has in stock! Maybe I need to get this birdie cake stand ... hm.

Remeber I told you earlier that I have a love affair with the Huron collection? Well here is the object of my affection: the Huron Chair.  I just love the cord woven detail and its elegant silhouette for a touch of extra special to our outdoor living space.  See my problem is that I also have feelings for the Victor Arm Chair for that perfect blend of a traditional masculine wing back in a flirty floral print. Divine!

Now what do I do?

left image via West Elm
Spring also put me into planting mood and since I live in a condo, I can only do house plants.  Fiddle leaf fig is a magnificent tree I have always wanted in my home.  The only thing is that I have alway been told that they are rather "particular" of their likings and with my track record as a "cactus killer", I don't want to put one of these handsomes at risk. 

Well, West Elm blog might just have solved my problem with this easy to care guide to Fiddie.  For those who are planning to get one, read up!

image via West Elm Blog

So which theme is your favourite and what have you planned for the weekend? I would love to hear from you!  In the meantime, I am obsessed about this beauty from the Market.  Hugs xoxo!

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  1. Im still a sucker for yellows all you need is a few pops here and there although I wouldn't say no to the yellow outdoor setting! This is the 2nd weekend I'll be demoing my kitchen making way for a shiny new one ... cant wait!