Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bright Inspiration w/ Caitlin Wilson

Hello Wednesday!  The weather was miserable yesterday with tremendous rain but at least the forecast is looking hopeful for the weekend with a mix of sun and clouds, and are you ready for this: the temperature will be over 30C for the first time in 2013!!  While it is warm and summery outside, I say we indulge our homes with cheerful and gorgeous hues from our favourite spring blooms.  The easiest way to accomplish a seasonal update is through accessories and accent pieces like pillows and drapery panels.  If you would like to go bold, you could also slipcover or reupholster your favourite occasional chair for a brand new look.

I have been a big fan of the talented Caitlin Wilson of Caitlin Wilson Design, and her line of signature textile collection is nothing short of spectacular.  Through her travel to the Middle East and Asia, Caitlin was deeply inspired by the traditional patterns such as the chinoiserie floral, greek key, trellis, and chevron.  I love the sophisticated yet playful aesthetics of Caitlin's design.  These beautifully decorated spaces showcase Caitlin's passion in mixing colors and bold patterns, while reflecting the personality of the home owners.  Today, I am taking you on a tour to Caitlin's home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
Want to see the space where Caitlin works her magic? Her office is absolutely sensational with eye candies and beautiful vignettes every corner you look.  Caitlin has kept the walls and major furniture pieces neutral and brought the space to life through layering of patterns + colors.  I also subscribe to the same design principle (see here and here).  The butterfly accent wall took my breath away.  It is not easy to use a motif that is often considered juvenile in an adult space, especially when it is a place where you have meeting with potential clients.  However, this whimsical wallpaper works seamlessly with the playful nature of Caitlin's colorful textile collection, and a perfect juxtaposition against the more formal/ traditional lines from the mahogany table and lucite "ghost" chairs.  HEART!!

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
Say hello to this stunning space all dressed in cream and gold.  It is simple, sophisticated, and incredibly glamorous.  It is difficult to do glamor without being over the top.  After all, you want it done tastefully and not look like another episode of the "Real Housewives of Hollywood" gone bad.  Caitlin has nailed "glamor" perfectly with her Hong Kong, dot, and fleur fabrics in gold.  I LOVE the Asuka wallpaper by Osborne and Little.  I am currently debating over wallpaper options for my hallway and this maybe it for instant drama.  

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
Spring is definitely in the air and even if it doesn't seem like spring outside, your space will be after a few healthy doses of bright, vibrant happiness. 

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
I am crazy about coral and mint these days and I adore this sofa with an elegant silhouette upholstered in sumptuous coral.  With a pair of faux bamboo + marble coffee and side table combo (what a classic power couple) and the coral trim detail on the drapes, I am S.O.L.D. 

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
Summer is just around the corner (and I am expecting it to arrive this weekend in Toronto), I am obsessed with Caitlin's new Anchors Away collection.  Who doesn't love a nautical theme that reminds them of their great times sailing and the refreshing scent from the ocean.  Anchors, links, or arrows, be sure to check them out before this sizzling hot collection is sold out!

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
So what caught your eyes? I am obviously in love with them all and great minds do think alike.  See this mustard fleur chinoise vignette? I love a classic faux bamboo and that minty side table, I am using it in Project Balcony!!  A pair of mint fleur chinoise pillows are on their way and I simply can't wait to see them in person!

image via Caitlin Wilson Design
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Give me those mint & mustard fleur chinoise cushions! Love 'em!