Monday, April 15, 2013

Tommy Smythe: Murano Glass Special

Hello Monday! The sun is out and the sky is infinitely blue, I am glad that we've finally reached an agreement with Mother Nature for a brighter and happier spring.  How was your weekend friends? I was out of town for a much needed break on Saturday and worked hard at Project Rental on Sunday afternoon.  Great progress and photo shoot to happen in a couple of weeks, which puts a huge smile on my face.

Of course I couldn't help myself but kicking through my favourite online sites over the weekend and have found THE chandelier for Project Master Retreat.  I will show you what M picked up on Sunday in a few moments, but for now, let's take a quick lesson on Murano glass with Tommy Smythe.

image via House & Home
Tommy's tips on Murano glass:

* Pick your style.  From swirls to traditional lines in clear or contemporary colours, find a style that speaks to you.

* Showcase your investment.  A genuine Venetian lighting fixture comes with a heavy price tag, so pick a location that garnishes a striking focal point.

* Fit the bill.  If a chandelier is not in the budget, Murano glassware also comes as dishes and stemware to mirrors and table lamps.  Even in small doses, this beautiful artisan-made material adds dynamic energy and glamour to any spaces.   

Here is my favourite bedroom by Tommy.  I particularly love the juxtaposition between the subdued, masculine color palette and a bold, dramatic, and more feminine take with the Murano class chandelier.  

image via House & Home
This timeless, luxurious material (in this case as a chandelier) is truly adoptable to any spaces, and here are three sophisticated rooms ready to prove my case.  From ornate transitional to eclectic modern, a Murano glass chandelier has the magic to inject class, style, and a touch of whimsy to any spaces.

image via 1/ 2/ 3
In a slightly different style, this pair of stunners at Christine's kitchen offers an incredible bold stroke of vibrancy against the clean white walls.  As for me, I am currently obsessed with this multi-tier master piece for an instant showstopper and a shot of Hollywood glam. 

image via Style at Home/ chandelier
Now back to Project Master Retreat.  Remember this idea board I put together back in February? A slight delay at the project since M needs to put some faux grass in the backyard to welcome spring/summer for the kids.  Nonetheless, we are moving ahead to source some of our key pieces.

From a little online shopping over the weekend, I have found a vintage Murano glass chandelier (well at least its authenticity was guaranteed by the seller, since I am no expert in spotting a genuine one vs. reproduction) that will truly be a star of the show in M's master bedroom.  It will need a little cleaning and maybe rewiring, but it is too good of a deal to pass up especially when the price tag was only $150!! 

image via 
So how do you feel about Murano glass? I would love to hear from you of your favourite style and where would you use one in your home!


  1. I've always loved art glass chandeliers especially the ones with waterfall effect (the one you picked in your board) and the leafy feather effect (Christine's). I always think this type of vintage chandeliers need to go into a period home, but obviously that's not the case any more these days. I'd love to try one in a guest bedroom one day.

  2. Oh I love this. I'm totally craving one for my office.

  3. I can't wait to get it cleaned to see how it shines up!

  4. Love these!!! Now...where to buy....any ideas?

    1. Decorum is a good place to check out in Toronto :) Good Luck!