Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Rental ~ Living Room (Artwork Edition)

Happy Friday!  ProjectRental: Living Room is near completion and we are working on the finishing touches. Thanks for all your tips on picking the perfect accent color for a lavender + grey color palette.  I have forwarded your suggestions to Carol-Anne of Carococo and in record time, Carol-Anne has put together all these fantastic color combination for me to find "the one" ... well more like "the three". 

image via Carococo
First up is a cheerful canary yellow.  I love how the minty green and emerald green complement this cheerful hue for an overall soothing, cohesive look.  This soft yellow series will also pop beautifully sitting on the greyish purple linen mats I have sourced. 

image via Carococo
Pale coral is next.  Although I do like this combination, I think it maybe too "pretty" for the space.  After all, the subjects in these pieces are rather feminine and I want the colors to be a little more "gender neutral".  I also think that the emerald green in this coral series maybe a touch too strong.

image via Carococo
So I presented canary yellow to my friend, and of course you know the story didn't just end there.  She would like to see how soft yellow would look with lavender.  Thanks Coral-Anne for giving Miss Bunny a new skirt!  I think this works well, and the lavender has given the serene palette additional interest and depth. 

image via Carococo
And then I came across this combination and I think I have found my favourite.  This series incorporated the soft yellow you all loved and a hint of minty green + pale coral I long for.  Talking about getting the best of both worlds!  Now let's hope my friend agrees too.  

image via Carococo
Other than the prints from Carococo, I will also be hanging a wallpaper panel on the wall to cover the not so sightly central air system.  Since I can't put any nail on the wall, any art we pick has to be light weight and supportable by 3M picture hanging strips.  That is why wallpaper panel is perfect for the task: it is light weight (just wallpaper and a canvas stretcher) and you can have whatever pattern you want.  This is also highly cost effective, especially if you have left over wallpaper at home or check your local wallpaper stores for remnants.  I found this stunning muted gold beauty with a leaf motif by Thibaut at Primetime Paint and Paper.

The process is very simple.  The most important thing I would say is to determine the "image" you want to capture once the paper is applied.  Once that is settled, you can either spray glue the canvas or apply wallpaper paste to the wallpaper.  I used spray glue (less messy and no wait time), carefully put down the paper on the sticky canvas, and made sure the surface has a good contact to the canvas + no air bubble.  A little pro and con for you.  Spray glue gets you instant satisfaction, but you also only have 1 shot at it since the glue is rather strong and pulling the paper up to reposition may just wrinkle the paper.  Just something to keep in mind.  

I was also too lazy to apply glue at the back to hold the paper in place.  Instead, I used my trusty staple gun and Ta-Da, sumptuous wallpaper panel is done!      

I am also planning to do something similar in the bedroom.  I love this sensational cherry blossom fabric at Tonic Living.   It is elegant, playful, and in trendy water-colour glory.  The color palette works perfectly in the bedroom, gives the room its presence, and adds another dimension to the space.  Thanks Janine for the beautiful fabric!      

fabric image via Tonic Living
So what do you think? Which color series is your favourite and are you tackling any DIY projects this weekend?

Love to hear from you and I will see you all Monday!


  1. Love your wallpaper panel and the floral fabric one will look great too! That fabric is very popular - love it!

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