Monday, April 1, 2013

My Scores: One of A Kind Show Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter long weekend with friends and family.  The weather was just absolutely amazing in Toronto.  I had such a relaxing time walking through High Park on Saturday, and of course was totally inspired by all the incredible talents at the One of A Kind Show on Sunday.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You all of you for your love on Organic Bunny Chic.  It was well received and I had a great time chatting with the artisans who provided me their creative work for my tablescape.

While touring the show yesterday, I discovered a few new favourite artisans.  I love their work so much that I have shopped from each of them.  So much so for promising Chris not to buy any home decor/ accessories this year.  First up is Carol of carococo.  Carol's illustrations are simple, cheerful, and whimsical.  I love her use of bright + muted colors and her work just simply put a smile on my face.          

image via carococo
I love Carol's work so much that I will be using three of her prints in the living room of ProjectRental.  Carol is such a sweet heart to offer me a change of color in these prints to work with the overall pale lavender and grey color palette.  I have yet to decide on the accent color.  Light avocado green, pale neon coral, or bright happy yellow: which one will you pick?

image via carococo
So what came home with me? Mr. Seagull in his smart sailor outfit makes him simply irresistible.  Thanks Coral! Remember cute bull dog's birthday face by Flakes Paperie?   Yes he came home with me as well, and so did this super chic box with lots of mini cards.  Ashley, I love your work!

image via Flakes Paperie / carococo
Talking about being "sweep off my feet" at the show, I owe it to Jen who introduced me to Oh, Hello Friend.  Danni is such a lovely, talented lady and her stationery, packaging essentials, wall decals, and stamps: to-die-for!  Here is a what I am obsessed with after a visit to Danni's shop:

image via Oh, Hello Friend
The crane scissors, the washi tape, and check out what I will be using for my next crafty project!  The craft scissors and the constellation tote were sold out.  I will have to order them and ask Danni to kindly send them all the way up to Toronto from California.  Yes Oh, Hello Friend is based in California! What a treat to have such creative talent to visit us at the One of A Kind Show.

image via Oh, Hello Friend
Speaking about out of town visitor, iDENTITY also traveled all the way from Vancouver to join us at the show.  You have seen how much I love their antler pillow in my bedroom, and I simply couldn't resist this handsome one dressed in vintage Hudson Bay classic stripped wool blanket!  What a colorful treat to the eyes.  I am also eyeing this bear laptop case: so much fun, so Canadian!    

image via iDENTITY
Of course I have to visit Avril of Avril Loreti Modern Home.  I have loved her paint chip table linen collection for a couple of years now and I just adore this fun triangle print in fab color combination.  Igor, I think you will be in love with Avril too!  I am working on getting a couple of these graphic pillows from Avril (they are totally sold out!) and in the meantime, I will enjoy my brand new napkins.    

image via Avril Loreti Modern Home
One of the highlights of the show of course was Jen's talk on Spring Refresh.  It was informative, inspiring, and Jen has proven that you don't need to spend a fortune to give your home a fresh new look.  I love the pieces Jen picked from the show, and this artwork by YangYangPan in particular captured my attention.  I just love her use of soft, happy colors, and it would totally work in my bedroom!  It is a small investment and I am counting on the tax refund to make my dream comes true.

I have also browsed through Yang's collections and found a couple more pieces I also like.  Which one speaks to you my friend?  

image via YangYangPan
I hope you were able to check out the One of a Kind Show last week.  If you have missed the show and love the items on today's posts, these artisans are accessible in Toronto via mail or local pick-up!

Happy April 1st everyone and yes, spring ... bring it on!


  1. Great picks Tim! I might have to ask Avril to save me one of those pillow covers too. It would look great at the Rental!

    Thanks for the shout out and the photo of me in action :) I will be totally jealous if you buy a Yangyang Pan original!

    1. I hope I get a refund this year... should be. The next step will be between art work or pay down mortgage. I am sure Chris will tell me to put the $ towards the mortgage instead. wish me luck!

  2. Tim - thanks again for the tix and it was great meeting both you and jen at the show. I bought tea towels from Avril! Houndstooth and orange pineapples! And a framed print from yang yang similar to the one on the bottom right of the ones you posted

    1. it was nice meeting you Ava! Glad you've enjoyed the show and picked up a few goodies too! Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas show!

  3. love your finds and soo inlove with YangYang Pan! Thanks for the intro tim!