Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Thoughts ~ Enjoy Your Weekend!

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here ... well at least for all of you.  Yours truly has a drop dead deadline on Monday and rumours at the office suggest attendance is mandatory on both Saturday and Sunday.  Surely I am not a happy camper and have to bow down to the notion of "You've got to do what you've got to do!".  Funny how I never seem to get tired of staying up until the wee hours to  finish up design projects, but the idea of going in on the weekends to explore the left side of my brain seems like a daunting task.

Anyhow, I thought perhaps the best course of action is to stay positive and to remind myself what I love the most: shopping + design project + great friend!  If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that Project Rental is at its final home stretch and photo shoot will happen within the next couple of weeks.  The sensational custom drapery panels from Tonic Living are up and thanks Janine for the lovely cherry blossom fabric for my DIY project!

Turning my attention to shopping, the Rug God was definitely on my side as I found not 1, but 4 incredible rugs in one shot at HomeSense the other day.  The top left beauty reminds me of a similar version at Elte, and the bottom right fun makes me think of Jonathan Adler.  The cream + black geometric stunner is chic and sophisticated, while the green version offers a shot of bright color.     

My animal print fever is still going strong and Oh-Mine is right when I saw this vignette at HomeSense with a bold zebra print as art + high style table lamp in delicious avocado green.

With temperature reached 20C or above at some nearby cities yesterday (somehow downtown Toronto was only at 16C), I think it is time to plan our first outdoor party of the season with a lot of help from the much anticipated Alanna Cavanagh Capsule collection for Lord & Taylor exclusively at the Bay.  It is bright, colourful, and whimsical ... just the kind of garden party I adore.  

We also need some happy strews for our garden party.  Check out these pastel options I scored at Marshalls!  The home decor section will be expanded to all Marshalls location real soon.  Be sure to check out the locations near you.  

My new purchases: this OMG gorgeous black & white graphic fabric + the statement chrome & lucite chandelier definitely help lots to keep my spirit up.  I have no idea where to use them yet but I am sure I will have a great spot for them in my dream home. 

image via
I also made a brief visit to see M yesterday and this cluster of happy balloons just cheered me right up.  Really ... who wouldn't be happy after seeing this? 

so I wish you all a fantastic weekend ... as for me, fingers crossed the weekend overtime schedule will not happen.  Hugs!!


  1. hope you dont have to have that schedule - i dont blame you! Even though I'll probably be working on a few commissions tomorrow, im not going to lie...
    Have a good one!

  2. Oh I am so with you on the left brain. It's hard enough after five days so good luck with your weekend deadlines. I saw a couple of gorgeous nailhead headboards upholstered in the same Sakura fabric at the 400/7 HomeSense tonight, and I only wish I had a place or need for them. Love your newly purchased chandelier, so glam yet masculine at the same time.

  3. Thanks Ladies!! I didn't have to work on the weekend after all and got to exercise my right brain a little on Saturday. @Michelle, I saw the head board too! 2 of them ... one in green and one in pink. I so want to get them for myself as well.

    I finally picked up that chandelier.... divine!!

  4. l wanted that material as well, but you beat me to it! Do you mind telling me where you purchased the chrome chandelier? It's amazing!

    1. The chandelier is from Urban Mode, but I believe it was the last one they have. Maybe they can tell you who made it :)