Monday, March 25, 2013

Store Alert: Vintage Fine Objects

Happy Monday!  Did you have a relaxing weekend? I had a really busy one with full day of work on Saturday and made great progress on a couple of projects yesterday.  Needless to say, I so need a rest and absolutely looking forward to a truly relaxing Easter weekend coming up.  I also have some really exciting news for you this coming Wednesday.  Here is a hint: if you are looking for inspiration on how to dress your Easter table a little differently (or unconventionally) and want to up the fun factor this Easter, be sure to check in on Wednesday.

Speaking about being inspired by delicious design ideas with one of a kind objects, Mr. Kevin J. Austin of Vintage Fine Objects is a true master of such artistic task.  I have always been a big fan of Mr. K's sensational finds and I seriously have to restraint myself from buying everything in the store ... well until I have a larger home.    

The concept of Vintage Fine Objects is simple: Mr. K has three homes (one in the city, one in the country, and one by the ocean), so the store is set up to reflect how Mr. K would decorate each of his three homes with truly unique fine furniture, decorative accessories, and memorable art.

First up is the Cottage Country.  The look is eclectic and inviting thanks to the constant juxtaposition between rustic and refined elements.  I am in love with this vignette with a stately large scale mirror and an oval burl wood tiered bar cart with the intricate metal cross supports.  Totally unexpected, but it absolutely works. The rustic chair just puts a smile on my face and so is this leather inlay on an antique desk for an extra special touch.

This pair of vintage chairs are to die for (check out the arm details on a side profile) and I just adore the mossy green + powder blue striped fabric.  The warm hues of the traditional rug, the playfulness of the tripod floor lamp, and the whimsical factor + industrial flair of the metal basket up high are just a few reasons why I heart this look. 

Every space needs a touch of black to capture your eyes and a powerful shot of sophistication.   In this case, these classical english architectural garniture follies and vases with gold accent are perfect for the task.   

I'd taken you on a tour of Mr. K's Toronto home on Friday and Look No. 2 is all about what Margot and Mr. K would want in their city home.  This look is edgy and luxe with helps from the gold and silver shiny metal finishes, the vintage posters, the art deco inspired bar cart in black, the console table with burl wood and brass construction, and of course my all time favourite: faux bamboo!  

What an elegant vignette!  The gilded gold mirror and the sconces are divine, and I simply can't get over how delicate and serene it looks with the planted tulips, the lily print, and the stylishly hip faux bamboo side table.  Don't you just love how Mr. K accentuated the soft white + gold palette with captivating vases from the Emerald green family? LOVE!

A couple more steps into the store is this incredible wall of decorative accessories and vintage lamps.  Mr. K encourages each of his customer to create a grouping of objects that speaks to him/her.  After all, everyone is unique and has specific taste and preference.  What is better than having a wall of fabulous items carefully curated by Mr. K, and then let your creativity be the judge on what to take home?  Ingenious idea!  

I have got to direct your attention to this incredible feature wall.  Looks like natural stone doesn't it? Well it is actually hand-painted papers installed in a tile pattern to mimic the look of stone.  Talking about creating a super expensive and decadence look for a fraction of the cost.  I am keeping this idea in my note book.

Hello my friends, do I need to tell you more on why my heart just skipped about 5 beats when I saw this OMG collection of gilded mirror with a pineapple motif, a pair of super chic foo dogs in creamy mustard, and please say hello to  my faux bamboo obsession!  The gigantic pagoda table lamp, the gorgeous writing desk, and sensational chair with a beautiful back, I totally want them all!

Look No. 3 is inspired by Mr. K's beachside retreat in Prince Edward Island (jealous right?).  With shades of blues to honour to the ocean, this palette is complimented by soft white, cream, with hit of mustard yellow, and a timeless collection of decorative accessories from the last century.       

I am just banana crazy about this huge moose antler and check out this iron daybed.  Once again, an unexpected mix of masculine and feminine for a feast to the eyes.    

Mr. K also houses orginal art from local artist and one of them is the talented Callen Schaub.  His work is known as Harmonograph Paintings, which involves using a system of pendulums to produce gemetric images as describled to me by Mr. K. 

Here is the desciption by Callen himself:

"As I paint, I consciously attempt to minimize the clutter of preconceived expectations and instead focus on the immediacy of the moment. Colors, composition, texture and movement are applied on canvas, driven by the natural and often unpredictable behavior of the selected materials as they intersect with my intuitive actions during the formative moment. Acceleration, both centripetal and gravitational, is used to manipulate the paint on the canvas."

I have never thought that a can of paint swinging back and forth with minimum control could create such systematic and orderly geometric painting.  Fantastic work Callen!

I had a wonderful time touring Vintage Fine Objects and be wowed by all the mind-blowing unique finds.  If you haven't been to Mr. K's store, you have got to check it out.  While in town this weekend, you should also check out the One of a Kind Show this weekend at the Direct Energy Centre.  It features hundreds of artisans with creative ideas and incredible craftmanship that will for sure inspire you this spring.
If you want a pair of tickets to check out the show, simply leave me a comment here of what you want to check out at the show.  10 lucy winners will be announced on Wednesday!


  1. Just another source you've given to me for my next trip to TO. :) Thanks TIm, this was FEASTY for the eyes on a Monday!

  2. I heart the one of a kind show!! I would totally check out the home and food section, plus the jewelry and the art.

  3. That store looks amazing and I am definitely going to stop by!

    Would love a pair of tickets to the one of a kind show! We're looking for some unique art to fill up our new condo and I always love the food area

  4. this store is truly a decorator/designers dream! Thanks for taking us on a tour!

  5. I need a new hat for summer and hoping to find one at the Once of a Kind Show

  6. I would love to go to the One of a Kind Show! I'm on the lookout for unique jewelry and home décor.