Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Home: Heather Shaw of pi'lo

Happy Friday! I can't believe we are actually turning the clock this weekend.  Not only does it signal our days are getting longer, but also spring is almost within reach.  The bright blue sky was quite encouraging a couple of days ago and I sure do hope more of those to come.

This whole "spring is in the air" idea has put me into the purging mode.  We really don't need a lot of "stuff" in our lives.  Perhaps it is time for us to take a step back from our busy lives, and focus on simple, organic living.  That is exactly why I am in love with Heather's beautiful home.  

It is no easy task to keep the house looking immaculate, while running a super busy & successful business + be a loving mother of two.  The talented Heather Shaw of pi'lo is doing just that and her gorgeous Victorian townhome in the heart of downtown Toronto is truly a sanctuary in the city.      

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
Constantly inspired by objects found in nature, Heather's style is soothing, serene, and organic.  I love the use of linen and the tailored yet relaxed silhouette on this super comfy sofa, the simple construction of the coffee table in its most natural finish, and this beautiful armchair upholstered in creamy linen with a paisley motif.

Collected a box of treasurable objects, messages, vintage photographs and not sure how to showcase them? Check out this 'perfectly imperfect' gallery wall as a striking focal point in this tranquil living room.

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
As an addict who loves to create vignettes in every corner of my own home, I truly appreciate and I am totally inspired by Heather's design aesthetic: effortlessly elegance, now that is hard to do!  Take this dining room and a reading nook for example, I am crazy about the little starfish at the top glass panel, and who wouldn't want to curl up on this loveseat to relax and unwind?  

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
I kid you not when I said I love a home full of vignettes.  Check out this gorgeous laundry/craft room and hallway dressed in a soft palette of pale sage walls and many shades of creamy white.  The layer, the texture, the subtle use of colors, and a touch of whimsy, I am in LOVE.   

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
Now I am super jealous: a beautiful bay window with a pair of comfortable armchairs dressed stylishly in natural linen perfect for a relaxing saturday morning, the original wooden floor painted in white, and I love the juxtaposition between the shabby chic aesthetic and this ultra contemporary stainless steel fan.

With such tranquil master getaway right at home, who needs to go to the cottage?

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
Want to check out Heather's dressing room? I think you do and here is why I love this room:

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
The boys' room carries the calm and serene quality as the rest of the house.  What makes this room stands out is the extra shots of bright colors via the globe, the books, the rainbow colored mobile, and the super cute red pickup truck.  I am also crazy about the patina on this tall boy and that bed, all I can say is: OMG.   

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith

Heather is the founder and the brain behind pi'lo: a shop full of sensational products from artwork, pillows, mobiles, to holiday/party essentials.  I have been a big fan of Heather for years and you can read about my previous post and interview with Heather here.

Want another peek of Heather's inspirational couch house? I do!
image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
I hope you enjoyed our tour of Heather's serene home.  A big thank you to Covet Garden magazine and the talented Donna Griffith for such fantastic feature.  Real space, "spaces that have not been styled by interior decorators", is what Covet Garden strives to showcase, taking us on a tour of the "homes and lives of some of the city's most interesting people".  To subscribe this amazing local online magazine (and it is free!), please come over here.  Covet Garden also has a blog filled with inspirational ideas and tours of new shops in the neighbourhood.  Want to be in the know of your city, check it out here.   

image via Covert Garden, courtesy of Donna Griffith
Happy weekend everyone!

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