Monday, February 25, 2013

Sick Leave ~ back on Wednesday

Hello you all! Sorry for the lack of posting today.  Yours truly is fighting this horrible cold ... and the cough is still going strong as we speak.  I hope this is going to end soon ... really, it has been more than a week!  I have never been sick for this long before and to make the matter worse, BOTH Chris and I are sick at the same time: meaning neither of us has the energy to look after the other.

I have been sleeping night and day with the rare occasions to get up, eat/drink something, take a washroom break, and then back to bed again.  Here is a funny scene for your imagination: a face mask helps keep the air warm and not to dry for my throat and the eye mask keeps the light out during the day.  THAT ... my friend, is my latest look.

Trying not to scare all of you away, here is a couple of rooms infused with pale metallic, brass accents, and smoothing warm whites that have brightened my days while I am resting in bed.  

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Happy Monday folks!


  1. I hope you feel better. I feel your paint. I am sick for the 3rd time since January, darn grade two's that I teach! Get better soon my friend. Chicken soup and tea works wonders!

  2. Oh my! Hope you feel better soon, guys!! Sending positive & happy vibes from Munich!

  3. Thanks everyone! Yes slowly but surely we are finally on the road of recovery. xoxo