Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rental Project: Bedroom

Happy Wednesday!  With Valentine's Day coming up in less than 24 hours and a long weekend getaway just around the corner, it is pretty crazy at DesignMaze headquarter with urgent matters such as cookie baking, bag packing, and rental bedroom beautification.  That's right folks, you have seen my plan for the living room and today, we are on for bedroom talk.  

My vision is to transform this builder basic bedroom into a luxurious restful retreat with soft organic linens, sumptuous upholstered headboard, touches of sparkle, and a pair of statement lamps in natural stone. 

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The major building block in this bedroom of course is the bed.  I would love to have this upholstered bed from Crate & Barrel in the bedroom for a graceful and serene sensibility.  The reality is that our budget does not allow us to splurge on a $2K bed.  I have found an attractive alternative and for added bonus, it comes with additional storage.

When it comes to bedding, my rule is to buy the best bed linen you can afford.  After all, these soft silky sheets are what you will spend 1/3 of your day with.  For this bedroom facelift, I love the soft lilac and creamy white sheets from the Magnolia collection by Gluckstein Home, and the soothing yet sophisticated vines motif from the Poetical Collection by Barbara Barry (available at the Bay).  The Jacquard Leaf duvet set in onxy and cream from West Elm is also on top of my list for a classic, contemporary flair.

To play up the contrast between timeless traditional elements and sleek modern designs,  I will pair a vintage alabaster lamp with a Martini side table in metallic finish from West Elm for an extra decadent touch.  For a hit of bold pattern on the wall, I may use this Magnolia wallpaper from Cole & Son as art work, since I am not allow to "permanently attach" anything on the walls.  For a shot of luxury and to up the cozy factor, I am planning on a killer chandelier and a few sheepskin rugs at the foot of the bed.  

Last but not least, a major feature of this bedroom is the large, bright window.  Inspired by the talented Samantha Pynn (you can watch this brilliant teenage bedroom here), we will take full advantage of this strong feature and turn it into a well appointed spot for makeup and journal writing. 

I hope you enjoy this story board as much as I do, and I simply can't to turn these ideas into reality!


  1. I would love to curl up and hibernate in that room, how lovely!

  2. Thanks Ladies! I am looking forward to getting it all done up :)