Friday, February 8, 2013

Powder Room Project: Final Reveal

Happy Friday! We've made it and so did Mother Nature. With just under 30 cm of whiteness on the ground, the city is now a winter wonderland … well at least for those who don't have to get through insane traffic or public transit to get to work this morning. I like how the city is completely transformed from an urban jungle into a quiet, serene place with a fresh layer of snow. Vice versa, even the smallest space at our home can take on a larger than life personality if we give it a chance. This is what I would like to share with you today: Powder Room Project ~ The Reveal.

This powder room is an absolute gem.  It is hugely impactful, despite its physical size (approximately 30 square feet). M is thrilled with the way her sumptuous and sexy powder room turned out, a complete departure from the light, airy, and serene sensibility for the rest of her home. My theory is: the main floor powder room is where you should wow your guests with a design direction that you absolutely love but not daring enough to carry throughout the entire house. It is a small, confined space.  You should have fun with it and create "an experience" for your guests!

On that note, I am over the moon excited to let you know that this captivating powder room is featured in March Issue of the Style at Home magazine as "Rooms We Love".    

image via Style at Home
As if the feature itself is not exciting enough, the lovely Erin McLaughlin, editor-in-chief of Style at Home, has even mentioned the powder room and how she loved the use of colours and choice of materials in her editor letter! Erin, you have made my YEAR!

image via Style at Home
Before I show you a large version of the beautiful shot by the talented Donna Griffith, I have some fun bits to share with you on how this stunning picture was captured. One thing I learned from this photo shoot is that professional tools (i.e. lighting and camera) are the keys to success, especially when dealing with a space with no window and very limited amount of natural light.

It was overcast on the day of the photo shoot, which was ideal for the interior shots where colors did not that washed out by bright natural light. The powder room is located right in the middle of the main floor, behind a staircase, and has zero access to any natural light. As you can see, Donna's assistant held up a light above her head, there was a big light set up inside the powder room, and I was holding a white board outside the room in attempt to bounce in as much light into the darkest corner of the house as possible.

On top of lighting, a good quality camera + tripod are your best friends to capture the sharp, clear shots. These shots were taken by my little point-and-shoot Canon and without a tripod. I was holding my breath to prevent the slightest moment, and probably took over 30 shots in hope of 1 sharp image. For that very reason, I have taken Donna's advice and invested in a new camera + tripod. I can't wait to give them a test drive on my next photo shoot.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to Brizo for sponsoring us the classic two handle widespread lavatory faucet for the project. It is the perfect jewelry for our marble top metal vanity. With an open vanity, the drain tube has better be va va voom. Thanks to Blu Bathrooms and its bottle trap, we have elevated the sleek and sophistication factor of the powder room. Bocci, the pair of #14 pendants installed as sconces on either side of the mirror, is absolutely stunning and they create such incredible ambience for a luxurious hotel vibe.

Of course there is also the showstopper Globetrotter wallpaper from Clarke & Clarke (available via Crown Paper & Fabrics for Trade and Primetime Paint and Paper for Public), and the super sexy bathroom hardware from the Jason Wu collection for Brizo.

products images via Bocci/ Brio
A special Thank You to Para Paints for providing us the deep, rich navy blue paints, and Tim of Beresford Inc. for his magic on the mirror and the frame for the exquisite Chanel No. 5 Print from MadeByGirl.

image via Style at Home
I am honoured to be included in the March Issue of the Style at Home magazine, and I hope this project also inspired you to take another look at the potential of the powder room in your own home.  Want to know why I selected these items for the project, here is a full detail report.  

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Yay Tim! I saw this in Style at Home and noticed your name, smiled with excitement for you! I love the lights you chose, and that sink, too dreamy. The whole space is moody and dramatic and interesting, perfect for a powder room! Well done.

  2. It is a gorgeous powder room...but I would expect nothing less from you!

  3. Oh my, Tim, you are SO talented. Seriously, a design agency needs to hire you ASAP. The powder room looks awesome and I love how SAT laid it out in the mag - great job all round! Have a fab weekend! :)

  4. The end result is massively fantastic!! Such a great job! I'd love a powder room like that (heck, I'd like a powder room period).

  5. This powder room is seriously amazing. You are so talented Tim! Now I am all inspired to do something in our powder room (again). Have a great weekend too!

  6. Tim, You are indeed a talented designer and a very thoughtful friend. There was so much love and time that went into making this space a reality. So many little details to consider. One day we will share our little trim mishap with your readers! Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone with the wallpaper - the marriage of the polished nickel faucet and the graphic wallpaper are perfection in my books.

    Three wee ones means a lot of hand washing during the day so I spend a fair bit of time in this little jewel box and I absolutely love it. I think this room radiates your signature style. It's got many classic pieces,a couple bold accents, colour of course and a touch of whimsy. xoxo

  7. Was just looking at this last night - love it! Love the behind the scenes details too, thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks you all! I love the room myself and I really don't take up much space! We also have wallpaper installed on the ceiling as well. .. too bad this feature you will have to see in person. LOOKS SO GOOD!

  9. The room is petite perfection Tim - but of course, I didn't expect anything less from you. Its a beautiful bathroom in a beautiful home. Well done again!!