Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Monday! Did you enjoy the exceptionally warm and beautiful weekend? Chris and I took full advantage of the 10+ weather by enjoying our lattes at patios, followed by a nice long walk in High Park.  We checked out a few cool, hip cafes in Roncesvalles Village, and they totally remind me of my dream to one day run a Bed & Breakfast with a store front bakery out in the country.  Since I am already in dreamyland, why not take it a step further? This eat-in kitchen and bakery store from "It's Complicated" is what I want for my dream B&B + bakery store!

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Now I am aware that my dream is from a multi-million dollar motion picture production, so here is a bakery that is equally inspiring and definitely more attainable: CIBOULETTE ET CIE, a food shop in Midland. 

logo via, tray image via courtesy of Kelly Moss Photography
The food at CIBOULETTE ET CIE is absolutely delicious! Chris and I had the soup and "build your own sandwich" combo, followed by home baked muffin/cookie + freshly brewed coffee.  I highly recommended this food shop after a shopping spree across the street at Cabin Boy!

What I also love about CIBOULETTE ET CIE is the eclectic design aesthetic of the store.  You will see the classic shaker style panels juxtapose against the raw reclaimed wood boards, a pale pink painted vintage desk accentuated by the chic "Coca Cola" cooler in black, and timeless white subway tiles with black mosaic band played off the edgy counter stools with a reclaimed wood and raw iron construction: just to name a few.     

The store is intimate, cozy, and very much my cup of tea.  Here are a few key elements I will definitely incorporate in my dream bakery:

So next time when you are up in the Midland area, be sure to check out CIBOULETTE ET CIE, a food shop.  I sure will ... for the super tasty treats and a feast for my eyes.


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    1. Sorry the phone acted up again and accidentally removed the comment. Sorry Vera!

    2. No worries Tim. Just said that you're not the only one that wishes to have a B&B someday! :)

  2. The barn door with the hooks is my favourite feature!
    I loved the movie too and the set was incredible.

    Will your dream B & B be in Germany? How far am I going to have to travel to visit?

    Hope you are well. xo M