Monday, January 28, 2013

IDS 2013: Favourite Picks

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you check out IDS Toronto? For those who were not in Toronto this past weekend, did you follow my Instagram walk?  Lots of questions ... I know, and that is because my brain is still packed with excitement and inspirational ideas after a whirlwind 4 days of design fun!

There were lots to see and what a fantastic lineup of internationally acclaimed designers, architects, TV personalities to share with us their latest design obsessions, and wisdoms that help us think outside the box.  Today, I want to share with you a few of my favourite picks (inspirational to say the least) of IDS Toronto 2013.

The IKEA visual team has once again done an incredible job to wow us with all their mighty.  I mean just look at this breathtakingly impactful cluster of HEKTAR pendants!  Varied in heights, the HEKTARs give the space its life and add dimension/layer to this chef envy kitchen.

I wasn't kidding when I called this a chef envy kitchen.  With super high ceiling, floor to ceiling cabinets, subdued textile tiles as backsplash, and all your favourite pans and kitchen tools double as visual displays, this gourmet kitchen combines function, style, and saving you hours of marriage counselling (those debates on function + style of kitchen design between couples ... you know what I am talking about).  

If kitchen and bathroom sell houses, then I am already sold by this dreamy IKEA installation.  From the STRANDMON wing chair in svanby grey, a cluster of HAGGAS pendants that looks like shooting stars, to that drop-dead gorgeous polished copper tub next to a wood burning fireplace, what else, really, can you ask for?

My next stop is Cocoon and this is where luxury, style, and gorgeousness at their best.  The elegant creamy white upholstered armchair, the huge round gilded mirror, and the super soft rug with a wood grain motif as backdrop, I absolutely LOVE them all!   

Let's take a peek inside Cocoon shall we? What a beautiful, cozy living room vignette with light contrasting the dark, feminine vs. masculine, and rich wood tone + sumptuous warm metals to add warmth to the space.

Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, yet another captivating vignette and sightline of this serene space at Cocoon.  Thanks Cocoon for such a decadent and intimate space ... I am INSPIRED!  

My dear friends at Style Garage and Gus* Modern were also at IDS Toronto 2013, and "Design Lodge" is their creation this year.  I particularly love this vintage plaid fabric that was once exclusive to a luxurious auto brand.  Neil did stock up on this fabric, but there is no guarantee on how many of these special edition GT rockers and ottomans will be made.  So act fast and get one before they are gone!      

Looking for standout conversation piece in your entertaining space? Look no further, here is an innovative wall doubling as party central cooler rack.  HEART the bright yellow and what a clever idea!

I am always on a lookout of showstopper lighting fixtures, partly because I have been itching for over a year now to change the lighting fixture at my foyer.  Here are my top three picks from the lighting department at IDS 2013:

* this sculptural fixture with a pentagon frame and meticulously crafted metal pieces in suspension by Ridgely Studio Works is truly a master piece.  Its meaning may varied to the eyes of the beholder but to me, it looks like migrating birds flying freely in the sky.

* the simple geometric shape of this pendant by ProjectorDesign offers a sense of simplicity with big impact and high style.

* this whimsical wing wall sconce by Eclectic Revival just simply puts a big smile on my face: what an unexpected conversation piece!  The pendant version is also available.  

For those of you who are hardcore DIYers at heart, check out these super chic creations with simple wooden sticks from your local paint stores.  Variant in lengths and shapes, this cluster of three provides practical task lighting and elevates the fun factor in this one of a kind crafty space.  

I have been a fan of Tony Koukos' work since I first saw his library book wallpaper installation.  Tony has travelled the world to bring us the most stunningly beautiful images of tile/stone work of historic buildings, as well as interiors with sensational architectural details, and turned them into various art forms for us to enjoy in our own home.     

The feature exhibit "HOW DO YOU WORK?" caught my attention with this intricate and structural installation with the most basic stationery we all used in childhood: pencil crayons.  The overall effect is absolutely spectacular, and I was mesmerized by how the colors "move" with me as walk from left to right.  I thought to myself: the wall is "alive"!   

Of course I also love the idea of having my office space connected to a serene, calm, and inspiring oasis.  Check out this contemporary garden with a whole lot of fun.  THIS is the dream garden for my own house!

I will walk you through a couple of work spaces that inspired me at IDS Toronto 2013 on Wednesday.  To wrap up this chapter of IDS fun, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ladies at Brizo for a super fun instagram walk-through, the delicious lunch, and a fabulous book of Michael Smith: Kitchens and Baths!  Also a big thank you to IDS Toronto for having me as part of the media team to share the latest & best design ideas + products the design industrial has to offer.

See you Wednesday!


  1. Great post Tim! We had many of the same favourites. So great to see you - it was a lot of fun!

    1. thanks V! yes we do indeed have similar picks ... great hanging out with you at the show!

  2. Great photo of you Tim - and a nice roundup!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It was fun chatting with you too!

  3. Great recap Tim! So great chatting with you. Also, I love how you display your photos these days... love!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I love putting the images together!

  4. I had so much fun over the two evenings. Great to take in all of the design goodness but also to be introduced to all of the lovely blogger friends of yours.

    I too really loved the Ikea booth. Very inspirational. I always love to see how they style of up the kitchen with all of the goodies you find in the Marketplace at the store.

    1. Glad you can join us M! it was my pleasure to have you with us!

  5. Wow, so much inspiration there! I'm loving the copper tub and the rainbow wall. Looks like you had a great time!