Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Office Special: IDS 2013 + Style at Home Feature

Happy Wednesday! Are you sick and tired of the crazy weather yet? From freezing cold/ snow storm to double digits temperature / heavy rain, Toronto has seen it all within a week! No wonder people everywhere are catching the cold bugs.  Though many of you may be lucky enough to have the "work from home" option, yours truly have yet to see the day of completing a report in my pj.

But a boy can dream right? So today, I am sharing with you a few home office ideas that caught my eyes at IDS Toronto 2013 and a little treat for you at the end of the post.  What I love about IDS is that it is not only one big design party: it also provides a platform for young talents to showcase their inspiring work.  "Creative Class" was the spot where DesignMaze met the Student Design Association - University of Alberta!

This creative gang from Alberta created three work spaces with SPACE, STRUCTURE, and TEXTURE in mind.  In "SPACE", I was particularly drawn to the organic sensibility of the white side table (check out those legs) and the rug made out of ropes with built-in light for extra sparkles: LOVE!    

"TEXTURE" illustrates the juxtaposition between different materials: blonde wood pendant vs colored power cord, natural wood desk surface vs. felt wool "liner", and smooth/soft leather being shaped into an attractive and functional wall unit.     

"STRUCTURE" offers many items I would love to use in my own home.  But if I can only pick two items only for my home office, I would love this fun fish bowl by Fren Mah and the funky desk lamp.

I have also put together a few of favourites from the show; items I would love to have in my home office / guest bedroom.  My jumping off point is this dramatic "L-Shape" desk from the Fox Fire Furniture company.  I love how the smooth natural walnut desk contrasts with the raw wood boards, and that some boards can be pull out to serve as "floating shelves".  This bird cage light from Eclectic Revival adds a touch of whimsy and an industrial edge to the space.  To max out square footage, I will also need a murphy bed and mine will look exactly like this + a showstopper chandelier and a cluster of glass pendants from Eurolite

Before wrapping up today's post, here is my dream masculine home office I put together for Style at Home.  You can read the full feature here, but I have got a little sneak peek and a couple of extra tips for you:

* A must-have for clutter control and to optimize organization is to incorporate a wall to wall storage system.  Closed storage is certainly the key to keep office equipments close at hands (but out of sight), while open display allows cherished objects to shine in their full glory.  I also like to take full advantage of the ceiling height and have the unit extends all the way to the ceiling.  To ensure the top shelves are easily assessable, a beautiful library ladder will surely do the trick, not to mention the preppy frat house vibe it adds to the space.

* When people think of lighting for home office, they often focus only on the desk lamp.  Don't get me wrong, a functional desk lamp is a must for any home office.  However, if the home office also doubles as a quiet relaxation sanctuary or an occasional hangout spot with friends, then a showstopper chandelier and dynamite floor lamp are also of top priorities. 

* For a sexy chandelier with an industrial and masculine sensibility, my top pick is the Modo Chandelier.  With a three-sided solid aluminum frame that holds 10 smoked glass globes, this standout chandelier combines function and style for an ultra sophisticated design statement.   Let's be honest, which man would not want a chandelier like this, if a chandelier has to make an appearance in his life? 

* The quiet reading nook now needs a floor lamp to partner with the sensational classic wing chair.  The Trig floor lamp by Rich Brilliant Willing blows my mind with its slander anodized aluminum frame, an ingenious on/off system by a simple touch of the shade, and a unique dial mechanism to easily adjust its height from 36 to 60 inches.  It is a truly minimalism take on the iconic tripod lamp, not to mention a space safer, that all men love.

I hope you enjoy this Home Office special!  


  1. ooh I love it. on the brink of redoing mine. Just need a few weekends free.

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