Friday, December 14, 2012

Big-Box Challenge w/ Sarah Richardson: Bathroom Lighting

Hello Friday! We are only two weekends away from Christmas ... are you all set for the holidays? My tree is up and the bedroom is looking restful, but I am still a little behind on my decorating schedule this year: install a new Brizo kitchen faucet (I know it isn't exactly holiday decoration but it is festively GOLD!), find the most perfect magnolia wreath for the dining room, and map out the vignette on my coffee table.

A combination of functional and ambiance lighting is essential to any spaces, and bathrooms certainly are no exceptions.  There are many vanity lighting options out there via big-box stores or lighting speciality stores, but don't you find that they all look similar in style? From a row of make-up artist lights as builder basic to fancier options than just bare light bulbs, we can't seem to deviate from the notion of "a single row of lights".  Well not anymore!! Today we are talking BRIGHT IDEAS with Sarah Richardson!    

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Bradford
A pair of sconces + a overhead pendant + pot lights from lighting speciality stores can chip away a big chuck of your bathroom reno budget.  So why not embrace the challenge, be creative, and find what you can get at your local Lowe's location.  Here are the ones that caught Sarah's eyes: 


For her latest adventure, Sarah picked three different looks for the three bathrooms in the house.  Bathroom #1 has a cool, watery vibe with a mix of greys and whites as its color palette.  Brushed stainless steel is the perfect metal to pair with the many shades of grey for a crisp, sophisticated look.  With vanity mirror looking like porthole on ship, why not up the nautical flair by installing a pair of cage light sconces that looks like the light house?  

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Bradford
Traditional Elegance is how I would describe Bathroom #2.  The warm wood tone on the vanity, the use of travertine marble, and the rustic yet refined natural wood mirror, all these elements are calling for a warmer metal finish, and not chrome (the regular go-to option).  Oil rubbed bronze brings richness and character to the space, especially when applied repeatedly via wall sconces, overhead pendant, and dynamite faucet.   

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Bradford
Here comes my favourite room of all, the powder room!  This is truly the space where you can let your creativity runs wild and take on its own design aesthetic that departs from the rest of the house.  It is a small space and folks don't stay in there for long, so why not make it an experience for guests and perhaps a pleasant surprise?  

This powder room is absolutely adorable! I have seen this powder room in person during demolition and was inspired by Sarah's sketches on the wall of where the sconces would go.  When in small space where you don't have enough room to install sconces on either side of the mirror, why not take advantage of the adjacent walls? I think this lighting plan is an ingenious idea, and the playful wallpaper with birdies from every color of the rainbow had me at hello.  The casual nature of these galvanized sconces work seamlessly with the whimsical wallpaper as the perfect finishing touch.  

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Bradford
Believe it or all, the vanity lights of these three bathrooms are all available at Lowe's.  Here is the product info that may come in handy when you visit your local Lowe's.  

Sarah was also on the Steven and Chris Show a week ago sharing her design tips.  If you have missed it, here is your chance to catch it!  Happy weekend!


  1. I have to agree putting the lights on the side walls was inspired. I love all three of those lights, but probably like the second set the most. Great recap.

  2. Does anyone know where the wallpaper came from? Ta.

    1. I believe it is a cole and son paper. Good luck with your search!