Wednesday, November 7, 2012

blu BATHWORKS: The Bath Master

Happy Wednesday!  As you all may know by now, lots of gorgeous products and efforts have gone into the Powder Room Project.  When renovating a bathroom or powder room, we often think about the vanity, the tile options, the style of the toilet, and even our shower curtain.  The one important element we sometimes forget is the plumbing.  It is true that most of the time this functional component is hidden behind closed doors.  However, when you have a beautiful open vanity like we do, the plumbing has got to be a knockout.  And this is where DesignMaze meets blu BATHWORKS.  

Today, we have my dear friend, M, here to share with us part of her experience at the powder room makeover and her love affair with blu BATHWORKS.  Enjoy!


Hello Design Maze readers.  I have been working with Tim very closely on the powder room project and have learned so much about "little details make the room".  Having an open vanity in this space meant that we needed some pretty plumbing.  Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? I mean, who thinks of plumbing as being a design element, right?  I can say from my experience with the powder room makeover that the plumbing needed to be picture perfect to realize the full design vision in the room.  If you don't consider what your trap, hot and cold water valves look like, then you could very well end up with a beautiful vanity with some very unsightly pipes lurking beneath.  

To demonstrate my point, enter Exhibit A.

For those of us not in the know about the ins and outs of drains and taps, let me fill you in on what I learned.  The large white tube/pipe in Exhibit A is called "the trap".  It attaches to your sink and drains all the water away.  Now this little number just wouldn't do with Tim's design vision.  You saw the mood board right?

Thank goodness, blu Bathworks came to the rescue with their sleek and dare I say, sexy, bottle trap.  Enter Exhibit B.

I know, I gasped too when I saw this little number.  Even our plumber let out a little oooh and aaah when he opened the box to reveal the goodness inside.  I think that his exact words were, "this is very European".

Recently I was on a trip to Vancouver and decided to visit the blu's showroom to see what other lovely bathroom wares they had available.  They surely did not disappoint.  As a side note, you should know that although my plumber was right in referercing a European aesthetic with the trap, blu BATHWORKS is a Canadian company founded by designer Michael Gottschalk.  Yay for Canadian design!

All of the pieces have a minimalist and sculptural quality to them.  I felt as though I was walking through a gallery, stopping to appreciate each piece for its unique design and modern feel.  I thought that it would be fun to share with you my three favourite pieces from the blu collection.

image via blu BATHWORKS
First up is this incredible wall-mount vanity.  I absolutely need this beauty for my upstairs bathroom overhaul.  I was drawn to the clean lines and simplicity of this piece.  It has deep drawers that are separated from the plumbing.  I like to tuck towels and toiletries away, so deep functional drawers are perfect.  What you can't see in this photo is the integrated basin.  It is made of blu stone which is crafted from quartzite.  I really can't get enough of quartz in kitchens and bathrooms.  Small children + scratch and stain resistant are a perfect match in my books.  Although this basin comes in high gloss, the matte finish was my first choice.

drawer organizer image via blu BATHWORKS
Next up on my wish list is the drawer organizers and accessories.  Truth be told, I find it painful to keep  my own bathroom beauty products neat and orderly.  I have tried baskets and little plastic containers, and yet I am constantly digging through piles of make up and lotions to find the one that I need.  This is why my inner striving to be organized self got butterflies when I saw all of the organizational solutions available from blu BATHWORKS.

I love that each vanity come with a slim inner drawer within the larger drawer.  This little drawer can be maxed out with metal containers, bins, brush organizers, lipstick cases.  Can't you just imagine all of your make up brushes lined up neatly?

My third favourite piece was this freestanding oval bathtub.  Wouldn't this be the piece de resistance in a master bathroom? I mean even if you were a shower only person, I think this tub may change your mind.  I love that it takes up a small footprint but has enough depth for a deep soak.  If I was a total risk taker, I would go for deep grey.  Being a classic gal at heart, I would probably order one in a mate white finish .  If you are a real trend setter and can't get enough of colors, I spotted this piece in a very bright citrine color ... just saying!

If you are looking for beautiful, contemporary bath ware, check out blu BATHWORKS and have fun planning your ultimately dream bath experience.


Fantastic bathroom products don't you think? I love the streamlined, European design aesthetics of the brand new bathroom furniture collection at blu BATHWORKS.  While the stylish mirror medicine cabinet and the super functional deep drawers offer incredible amount of storage, the wooden shelves (available in various lengths and finishes) can live large in any room in your home.  That oval soaking tub is definitely happening in my future home and lucky for me, Chris actually wants a free standing soaking tub!

So do you have a bathroom project in mind? I would love to hear from you of which blu BATHWORKS products top your must-have list!  


  1. OK the vibrant yellow bathtub needs to go on a date with my bathroom STAT!

    1. I knew you would say that!! I am going for the pure white!

  2. mentioned in this post you were recently in Vancouver? Excuse et moi? And you did not TELL me? Tim, TIm, TIm.......

    1. Oh Barb!! Of course I would have told you if I was in Vancouver! It was Michelle who went last month ... wish I was there with her!

  3. Love blu! I have their freestanding tub in my master bathroom. :)

  4. Cool stuff !
    I just saw your STUNNING work on Steven and Chris, great job Tim !!
    And yes, I saw you in the audience :) looking forward to seeing the powder room
    reveal. Have a great day !

    1. Thanks yoko! haha ... not sure how much I like seeing myself on TV!

  5. I like the colorful & minimal bath tubes and sink!