Friday, November 9, 2012

Big-Box Challenge w/ Sarah Richardson: Kitchen Details

Happy Friday! We have made it to the end of week and I hope you all are enjoying the crisp November weather.  With the forecast going back to double digits and sunny this weekend, I am going to High Park for a nice relaxing afternoon walk.  Talking about bright and cheerful, it is time to check in with Sarah's Big-Box Challenge.  We talked about colors and hardware mixups last week, and today we are talking faucets, sinks, and counter tops.

Here is today's lesson from Sarah:

It doesn't matter now many times I watch (and re-watch) Sarah's shows, she always come up with something new to inspire me.  Today I'm delighted by the duo colors counter combination.  If you want a consistent color throughout the entire island and you want a variety of pale colors that mimics natural stones, then you have to check out Quartz.  I have a quartz counter top in my kitchen and I can totally attest to the durability and the quality of this product.  Of course I picked a very light colored counter (mostly based on look and I barely cook) before I met Chris, and now it is like we are cooking for ten every weekend to prepare meals for the week.  So you can imagine if my counter isn't heat, stain, or scratch resistance, I don't know if our relationship would have lasted more than 5 years.  

Anyhow, what I have learned this week is that I can have one color on the island and another for the rest of the counter.  Love how Sarah brings the nature in via the quartz materials with pale grey and green for the island, and a crisp white counter that wraps around the kitchen.       

I have also never thought of putting two faucets in a kitchen. I guess I never had an open concept kitchen for me to experiment with the idea, but I'm definitely game in my future kitchen.  I know Chris doesn't want an open concept kitchen for smell and grease control.  Oh well, I will just have to find a way to convinced him that two faucets and sinks will for sure enhance his cooking experience! 

Here are the details from this week's kitchen style sheet, and check out Sarah's page for more tips on this week's webisode. 

I just love, love, LOVE this kitchen.  If someone is going to be sitting by this island, boiling water for a cup of tea, enjoying a delicious pear, and battling scrabble on newspaper, that person would be ME!   

If you ever wonder how all these stunningly gorgeous images are captured by the incredibly talented Stacey Brandford, check out how many lights were in place to take this shot!

image via Sarah Richardson Design (Facebook)
Sarah was also on the Marilyn Denis show last week sharing her design tips from "how to design for your first place" to "how to talk clients into going outside of their comfort zone".  If you have missed it last week, here is your chance to watch it again!  

Enjoy the sunny and warm weekend everyone! 


  1. Great to see some different design inspiration. I always see kitchen islands as somewhat of a focal point, so making it a different colour only enhances this and that, I do like. Will be looking more into 'duo colours'- Thanks.

  2. Every room can get great look by giving some colour combination and best theme. Kitchen also get designer look by using interior designing.

  3. That Sarah - just when you think you have things figured out, she throws a new creative idea into the mix! I'll fight you for the pear while we're sitting in that kitchen ;)

    1. haha ... .bring it on Jen!! BRING IT ON!!

  4. Love the fireplace idea, Tim. Well, first I'd wish a fireplace for myself. Then I'd think of the decor to embellish it:-)