Friday, November 16, 2012

Big-Box Challenge w/ Sarah Richardson: Kitchen Appliances

Hello Friday!!  So happy the weekend is finally here and despite the activity filled Saturday and Sunday ahead, I am glad that at least I get to switch off my "work brain".  Having brunch with friends, doing some shopping, and cooking for the week are the few items on my to-do list.  Chris clearly is the chef of this household and of all my Sarah's posts, I am sure this is the one he enjoys the most.  Yes folks, we are on appliance talk today.

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford
Let me warn you, the following clip may cause some viewers serious urges to change all their existing "ho hum" appliances at home.  Here is a trip to Lowes with Sarah to pick the stylish and practical appliances.  

From this beautiful country kitchen, I have learned that professional style, power, and budget can actually co-exist.  All you need is be patient, spend some time to understand your life style, what do you need the appliances to perform, and then select the right ones with features and functions that reflect the way you live.    

Here are my top three tips for your kitchen reno:

image via Sarah Richardson Design, courtesy of Stacey Brandford
* Tile to the hood: you can always install tiles all the way up to the ceiling.  However, if budget is an issue, tile your backsplash at least to the bottom of your range hood for a clean, stylish look.  

* Range talk: there are many options out there when it comes to the range: cooktop + oven combo, separate cooktop + built-in oven, number of gas burners ... the list goes on and these options vary in prices widely.  Luckily there are options out there now that offer power, chef -worthy professional style ranges that are affordable.  Shop around and see which option works for you ... I like this one

* Max out counter space: how many of you have your microwave sitting on your counter, taking up valuable cooking real estate? Have to admit, I am guilty as charged!  However, if I were not confined with the original cabinets I inherited (which didn't allow me to carve out a spot for a built-in microwave), I would definitely do a gas cooktop, microwave drawer, & double built-in wall ovens combo.  Sounding dreamy right? I know.

One thing I did manage to do in my own kitchen makeover is to have a counter depth fridge.  The difference between a standard fridge and a counter depth fridge is only 5".  I don't think you will miss these 5 inches much, but now your fridge is no longer sticking out from the counter like a sore thumb.  The overall look is a streamline, custom built-in designer kitchen with fantastic clearance and flow.

For more tips on kitchen reno with appliances in mind, check out Sarah's webisode 4 and here is the short list from this country gourmet kitchen.

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  And don't forget to enter the holiday stocking giveaway here!


  1. I didn't know Sarah was doing these webisodes! I love her and love them. Some great tips for the kitchen! Thanks Tim :)

  2. Great tips my friend and I hope you have a super weekend!!!

  3. Fab tips. Have a top weekend, Mr! TGIF, hey?!

  4. This is a great series Tim thanks for sharing...:) Cheers Frances

  5. Very interesting, Tim! Now that I work in the kitchen appliances business this was pretty informative!! Thanks for sharing!