Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Gift Guide: Precious WEMORIES

Happy Wednesday!  As we get closer and closer to Christmas, my urge to share with you all my gift ideas for the holiday is definitely getting to an all time high.  Do you have family and friends who live in Europe and it is always challenging to (1) decide on the gifts, and (2) get them earlier enough so the gift will arrive BEFORE Christmas.  Well, Chris and I faced these challenges for the past few years ... but no more!  For this holiday season, we are going Wemories.

Wemories is a fantastic company that turns your precious memories into a beautiful gift (a box of 12 personal message cards to be exact) for the people you care about.  The process is simple: 

* create an account: this is where your images will be stored and organized by date for easy access in the future.

* upload the pictures:  an easy breezy process and images can be uploaded via your computer or Facebook.  No extra software required.

* write the messages:  every wemory box comes with 12 beautiful cards, all date stamped, and all you need to do is to write a message for each card to make them that much extra special.

* place the order:  all you need is 49 euros and shipping is included.  Note: shipping to most European destinations only at the moment.

* enjoy:  with the wemory box arrived in just a few short days, it is time to share these special memories with your love ones.

Isn't this such a lovely gift idea? I owe the discovery of Wemories to my dear friend Will of Bright Bazaar who shared his wemory box back in the summer.  

image via Bright Bazaar
I loved the idea and so I ordered one for my 5th anniversary back in the fall.  I was absolutely blown away by the services and the quality of the product.

So for this holiday season, Chris and I decided to send a wemory box to Grandma in Germany.  We spent an amazing afternoon together back in August and I simply couldn't wait to visit Grandma again.  So I thought, why not send some beautifully packaged photos with personalized messages for a heartwarming gift?   

Now have I got a fantastic news for those of you who are just about to order a wemory box.  From now until December 31, 2012, DesignMaze readers will enjoy a special 15% off discount with promo code "DESIGNMAZE". You can also follow Wemories on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for future promotion and inspiration.  

Happy Wemory Wednesday!


  1. Aren't they so rocking?! You included some great snaps in your box! I love how you can write the memory of the photo on the back - so simple but so effective.

    1. Thanks Will! Love the personal message you get to include at the back of the cards as well. just make the gift that much more special!