Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Gift Guide: One of a Kind Christmas Show

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy the first ever "Black Friday" shopping madness in Toronto?  I have been to NYC for a Black Friday intense shopping marathon before, but such shopping occasion is certainly a first this year in Toronto.  I picked up a couple of new toys (a new MacBook + a new camera ... yay!) to treat myself and caused some serious damages to my pocket book.  Oh well, these are investments right?

Now if you are looking for original, organic, handcrafted unique holiday gift/decoration ideas, you have got to check out the One of a Kind Christmas Show.  I have had so much fun at the media sneak peek and I sure didn't come home empty handed!

The show features over 800 artisans and by categories including ceramics, christmas decor, fabric & textiles, furniture, home decor, original art ... just to name a few.  After spending a couple of hours walking through the aisles, I have come up with my "love list" for Santa's sleigh.

* Ateliers Des Cent-Aus (C-36): Renaud is the brain behind these beautiful pottery/ ceramic creations with a hint of blue on cream and full of Japanese sensibility.  This plate with the waves motif and these nautical cups are high on my list.

Heyday Design (V-09): Claire's porcelain is organic, whimsical, and an instant conversation starter.  I love so many of her jars, but the one that stole my heart is this beaver buddy.  Claire was commissioned for a custom installation with these beaver jars at Toronto famous restaurant, Canoe.  Be sure to check it out next time you dine at Canoe.

* Laurajean (B-23): unique, original, and all hand painted by Laura.  I love her painted wood ornaments (a bright red cardinal in this case), original drawings, and limited edition prints (lots of lovely cards to choose from I must add).    

Grace Eunmi Lee (C-44): I simply adore Grace's ceramic characters and these fun salt +  pepper tigers and lions are definitely on my love list. I am inspired by Grace's design philosophy: 

"As we strive to do better, we often become oblivious to things that surround us. Using formed inspired my micro-organisms, I want to emphasize the importance of the individuality and the collective entity.  the creatures are an interconnection of reality and existence."

Mod Pieces (V-09): Lia is my go-to person when I need a custom lamp shade and this talented lady is yet another step ahead of me.  This gorgeous poppy lamp with white base pairing with coral & white cross shade totally had me at hello.  And if Poppy = moi, then Mari = Chris ... fun hey?

Now you know what I want for Christmas (Santa ... I am trying hard to make sure you hear me), here are my Top 3 "Must-See" at the show.  The fabulous and talented DIY expert Andrea Ford of Re:Style Studio (who did a fantastic walk through of my condo for Steven and Chris) is showcasing her latest collection at OOAK Show (Z-19).  Determine to transform vintage pieces into modern statement pieces, Andrea rejuvenates each piece with custom paint, designer fabrics, and a whole lots of love.  And if you are in the market of a custom headboard, check out Andrea's DIY workshops. You can even make one with your own two hands!

Must-See No. 2 is Marianne Chenard ceramic, who happens to be the next door neighbour of Andrea, at Z-17.  These jars showcase the images Marianne captured while traveling within Canada.  I particularly love the texture that reminds me of pebbles on these large jars, and these wood grain inspired bottles in matte white.  Best of all, these are designed to be your everyday maple syrup jars! Now how Canadiana is that!

Must-See No. 3 is the serene and elegant shop curated by one of my all time favourite Toronto artists, Heather Shaw of pi'lo.  You all know I love Heather (in fact, my first interview for the blog was with Heather!).  Along with some classic favourites such as these baby bear pillows, there are many new items I'm madly in love with including the printed alphabet and ruler ribbons, the new sweater canvas art, and these wooden bell + vintage birdies.  

Now are you ready to shop at the OOAK Christmas Show? For those of you who enjoy late night shopping, November 29th is your date! The OOAK Show will open until 11pm and one of my favourite bloggers, Jen of Rambling Renovators, will also be on stage at 7pm to share her finds for a comfort, family, simplicity Christmas' eve.  I couldn't agree more! 

Now before you pick up your coat and head to the show, here are the lucky winners of the giveaways from the Bay:

Giveaway #1 winner: limited tea towel by Tommy Smythe

Giveaway #2 winner: yellow leather key chain from ORDNING&REDA

Congrats winners and please contact me via here for your contact info.  I will see you all on Wednesday!


  1. Marianne Chenard's ceramics look like beautiful pieces, Tim. Thank you for introducing her work to me - off to check out more! Congrats on your Black Friday scores!!

    1. isn't her work amazing? I need to go pick up some of her pieces too!

  2. Thanks for another great guide, Tim. I didn't make it this past weekend but I am definitely going this coming Saturday, and I am going to stop by all those kiosks that you listed.

    1. glad you like my post Michelle. Did you pick up something?