Friday, October 26, 2012

A Big-Box Challenge w/ Sarah Richardson: Tips on Hues

Hello Friday! Any big plan for you this weekend? My plan is to take a much needed break from projects this weekend, and have a quiet moment to unwind and rejuvenate.  One of my favourite relaxing activities is to take a walk in High Park and be inspired.  With the recent gusty wind, I suspect the trees maybe a little bare … but on the bright side, the path will be full of colour! 

Speaking of colour and inspiration, Sarah Richardson is back with a brand new online series documenting how she transformed an average country home into the talk of the town.  Now here is the twist, this renovation adventure is entitled "Sarah's Big-Box Store Challenge".  Over the next 10 weeks, Sarah will take us around the house and share with us her tips on how to turn Big-Box products into out of the box solutions.  This week's lesson is on how to use paint to create a beautiful and dynamic multi-hued palette in an open concept space.

Before I share with you the tips I learned from Sarah this week, remember the chat I had with Sarah and Tommy back in the summer about this secret project? Let's hear about this Big-Box Challenge from Sarah herself:

Here is webisode 1: Let's talk about paint with Sarah Richardson

Fun isn't it? I can't wait to see the other lessons and the final reveals of these bright, cheerful, and charming rooms!  Here is a simple 4-steps approach to successfully maximizing the number of colours in your home:

Step 1: install a chair rail to create a clean break between the upper and the lower part of the wall. Now you have a natural divider that allows you to use at least two different colours on one single wall.

Step 2: rule of thumb on placement of chair rail is 36 inch off the ground. Good to know as M and I just gone through a crazy madness "where to put the chair rail" dilemma for the powder room project. This will for sure come in handy in the future.

Step 3: look for outer corners as they are your next best friends for a multi-hued palette. Wherever there is an edge, it can be your clean, simple break point to introduce a different colour. Just make sure you have a steady hand and a good angled sash brush.

Step 4: don't settle for just 2 colors. Now you can pick up to 4 different colors (5 if you include the colour of the chair rail) and be creative!

For the hallway and landing areas, Sarah has picked the following colour combination from her Designer Palette for Para Paints:

Are you ready for an inspirational before and after comparison? I am!!

For more tips on this week's webisode, check out Sarah's website here.  And for more information on the materials Sarah used this week, click on this little shopping cart at Sarah's website for full source list.

Be sure to follow Sarah on Facebook for her latest inspiration.  I will see you all next week for webisode 2!  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Just discovered these webisodes yesterday and it's fantastic to see the materials are pretty inexpensive. The transformation is amazing- classic Sarah and Tommy!

  2. Oooh thank you Tim, I didn't know about this series! brilliant. off to watch!

  3. Wow this looks awesome the house after is beautiful...Sarah doing what she does best..thanks for the info .looking forward to the rest of the series Cheers Frances

  4. Great post Tim! I'm looking forward to following along with Sarah's webisodes.

  5. Awesome! How did I not know about this series? Gosh darn it, we have no PVR and I am working during the day!

  6. I'm LOVING those before and afters - so inspiring! :)

  7. Since Sarah isn't currently showing on HGTV, I've been missing her and Tommy. It's so fun to watch these episodes - she always has the best tips!! Thanks for sharing, Tim.