Monday, September 24, 2012

Road Trip: Germany Bound

Hello Monday! I hope you all had a super fantastic weekend.  Mine was a mix of family & friends gatherings + Project fascination.  Is it me or the weekend is always too short?  It is hard to believe that it was only a few short weeks ago that I was having an incredible time in Germany and Prague (it felt like a year had past already).  After all, who wouldn't like to European lifestyle?  Weekend in Paris, tea party in Munich, and six weeks of vacation, "these are a few of my favourite things".

Today, let me share with you some of my happy memories from Germany.  This is a historic home built in 1719 and it remains as one of the hot spots for tourists.  Well, this is also known as "Chris' family home" and Grandma lives here!        

For all you tourists out there, here is your chance to peek inside this 293 year-old home.  Full of beautiful architectural details (i.e. chunky moulding and gorgeous windows) and beautiful antiques, Grandma also shares a similar approach in decorating: neutral backdrop with pops of accent.  This vignette of the front hall with a gorgeous gilded mirror and ornate console + marble top reminds me of this elegant condo designed by Sarah Richardson.  I also love this elevated bay window area.  Grandma told me this is her favourite spot of the house and I couldn't agree more.  

I am crazy about this exquisite piece of furniture and can't help but to admire how good it looks against the creamy white wall with super high baseboard.  Check out the details and hardware on the door!  Inspirational to say the least.

The German are also known for their sweet treats.  While Grandma's house has been standing since 1719, this pastry around the corner has also been baking delicious cakes since 1892!  Love Grandma's bone china and the pastel pink with tiny white cross stitches.  

A happy family photo with Chris, Grandma, Grandpa, and me.  We will see you next year Grandma! (Yes, I'm planning for another trip to Germany for Christmas in 2013.)

Carnival (as Chris' sister called it) seems to be another popular family activity during weekends in Germany where everyone from the town will get together for some beer, currywurst, and a whole lot of fun.  Here is Benny having his juice and I love all the vibrant colors, especially the fire truck with the brave fire hero on top! 

Chris and Niklas on the swing.   I am not sure who is having more fun: the four year-old boy or the 30 something uncle?

This flying robot brings back my childhood memory of a Japanese cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid.  Never thought I would see it again ... especially in Germany!

Isn't this the most fun building ever? Love the pops of colors between the windows and the big red door! So jealous Niklas gets to go to school here everyday starting this fall.

Don't you just love the transport system in Europe and a hour or so train ride later, I arrived at Munich to meet up my blogger brothers: Mr. Will of Bright Bazaar and Mr. Igor of Happy Interior Blog.

We had such a great time having cold drinks, a couple scoops of Gelato, a walk in the park, and a quick snapshot outside of this colorful modern art museum.  

Here is Igor hard at work with his camera.  Want to see the shots he took? Check them out here.

Now you all know I like to have flowers in the house, so obviously I love the saturday local flower market! Looks at all the roses (Chris' favourite flowers, such a hopeless romantic) and I love these lavenders in huge barrels.  I will have two of those at my future home.  

Other flowers I wanted to get during this visit: these pink and white little thing and gorgeous calla lily in bright yellow.

In Bamberg, this little shop got my attention thanks to the polka dot patio umbrella and this grey + yellow starry scarf. 

And what did I pick up at then end? This minty green + white polka dot table cloth (I have big plan to turn that into bedding) and super soft & stylish herringbone throw for this winter!

And my favourite part of this Germany trip is of course the afternoon Chris and I sat at the balcony, having our tea, chatting, and reading our books.


  1. You've had such an amazing trip packed with family fun! It makes me "want to go to there" (Liz Lemon). :)

  2. What a great roundup Tim & hope to see you back soon!

  3. Everything in Europe is just so beautiful!! Such attention is paid to detail and the appreciation for design is apparent at every turn. I can't wait to soak up the European atmosphere when I travel to Paris in October!!

  4. OOh, what a fun trip! Your pictures are amazing as always Tim!

  5. Beautiful photos! That flower market looks perfect!! I=