Friday, August 3, 2012

Road Trip: ABC Carpet & Home Part II

Morning Friday!  The long weekend is right around the corner and in exactly two weeks, I will be in Germany for some fun, quality time with Chris' family. A good friend of mine is heading down to NYC this weekend and I'm of course super jealous because (1) I miss the food, (2) I want to pick up that mirrored pendant, and (3) another trip to ABC Carpet and Home and be inspired by the Barbara Barry and Ralph Lauren showrooms.

I love Barbara Barry for her classic, elegant, and serene design aesthetic, and her showroom at ABC Carpet and Home is nothing short of spectacular.  I simply admire how her designs exude an exquisite feminine quality, and yet I don't think the man of the house will deny entry in sight of these stunningly beautiful and comfortable creations.     

I was madly in love with the graceful and fluid line of this dynamite chandelier.  I also took note of this breathtaking wall treatment: silver leaf application in grid pattern and frame it all up with a simple boarder for an extremely sophisticated look.  This wall will be in my future dining room!

I was of course floored by all the sumptuous pieces including this curved back sofa.  I have to admit that I am usually not a fan of curved sofa because they are often bulky and not too attractive. Barbara Barry clearly has proven me wrong here with this gorgeous beauty in soft, luxurious fabric, pairing with walnut legs and frame around the base.

Two items I would love to take home with: a sculptural side table in brushed silver and a pair of this elegant wall sconces for a bedroom makeover.

A table top vignette that sums up exactly how I feel about the Barbara Barry showroom: light, classic,  tranquil, and luxurious.   

If the Barbara Barry showroom speaks to the feminine side of my brain, then Ralph Lauren Home has definitely made a strong connection with my masculine soul.  A simple yet dramatic entrance to welcome your arrival: console table with rich wood tone and a pair of zebra stools for a graphic Hollywood touch.

I love this light, airy, and relaxed living room vignette that belongs to a beach house in the Hamptons.  The cotton sectional is super comfortable and the natural fiber ottoman is full of textile interest.  What I love the most are the incredible full height drapery panels and the unexpected mix of an industrial chandelier.    

I am usually not crazy about leather furniture but in the sight of a pair of these arm chairs and this high wing back chair, how can I not make an exception.  I particularly love the wing back chair vignette of how the richness, warmth, and organic quality of the leather juxtapose against the delicate blue & white ginger jar lamp, and the striking black & white cheetah photography for energy and power.

On a slightly softer side, loving these indigo blue & white bloom prints and let's say hello to this incredibly handsome table lamp in brass.  

This is a wrap of my tour at ABC Carpet and Home.  Have you been to ABC and what did you bring home? I would love to hear from you!

Have a fun long weekend boys and girls!


Now if you are looking for great tips of what to do, where to go, and restaurant to eat, check out this fab post by Jen of MadeByGirl: the Insider Guide to NYC.


  1. Wish you could come for the trip! Not sure if I will make it to ABC this trip though. The basement is one of my favourites spots to visit there. All those Madeline Weinrib rugs for a great deal. I do hope to escape work for a bit and check out the new Dwell store though. Will take some pictures for you.
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Really like the white frame with tree print. Looks really lovely!

  3. So exciting that your holiday is nearly here! YAY! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend! :)

    1. Thanks Will! Same to you ... enjoy the O game in London! I sure am watching my favourite sports over the Atlantic Ocean.