Monday, August 6, 2012

Man Cave: Decor Happy Edition

Happy long weekend Monday!  I hope you all are having a blast enjoying the festivity downtown or soaking up the sun up north at cottage country.  Today I'm stopping by decor happy, a fabulous blog of my BFF Vanessa, sharing my 2 cents on an ideal "man cave".

Interesting topic and then I realize how little do I know about "men" when I start conceptualizing on the topic.  After all, my design aesthetic tends to reside with softer palettes and an army of fabrics ... and man (at least the feedback I got from Chris) tends to like less patterns.  With that in mind, here is my attempt to create a media room, a study, and a guest bedroom for Mr. DH.  

Man Cave

Man Cave by designmazetim on

Head over to decor happy to read more!


  1. So funny! My chap is exactly the same - I tend to air more on the side of fabrics, patterns and softer hues and he's all the opposite! Clicking over to your post now, Mr! Happy Monday! x

    1. totally!! it's hard to find that right balance. I am just thankful that he's not into dark brown leather sofas!!

  2. My pleasure V!! Thanks for having me!