Friday, July 20, 2012

Road Trip: Home Decor NYC

Happy Friday and the weekend is finally here!  I have been extremely exhausted these days from work, and along with all the little projects I tackle, I didn't even have time to go to the gym.  It is time for me to take some "me" time this weekend and not having to think about work or anything else.  Before I escape for a quiet and relaxing weekend to recoup my sanity, I decided to show you some other stores I checked out while visiting NYC.

First up is the MoMA gift shop.  It is definitely one of my must-sees in NYC and this time, I was stunned by this ingenious cube.  There is only 1 light bulb inside but with the magic of a 360 degree mirror cube, I counted 7 in total.  Fun, stylish, and energy efficient, this light scores high on my book.

I also love this gift wrapping paper that looks like a hand drawn Manhattan map.  Inexpensive yet super chic artwork ready to be framed and hung anyone?    

My bird obsession led me to this salt and pepper set: creamy bird with powdery blue cloud, how I could say no to them?  Ever struggle on how much spaghetti to put in a pot? For only $27 bones, you can take this sculptural and functional device home.  

Hand woven items are big for me right now ... and so is the color green and natural wood.  I'm absolutely crazy about this little table for the intricate and graphic detail on the weave work, the smooth natural walnut top, and piece of rope that runs along the edge for an unexpected nautical twist.  Maybe it is time for me to order a couple of them to be shipped back to Toronto.  

Bobby Berk Home is up next and greeted me by the door was this white traditional chair with a very modern execution.  Hello everyone, please meet The Queen of Love

The store was filled with mid-century inspired furnishings, with many pieces came from one of my favourite Toronto furniture stores, Style Garage + Gus* Modern.  And you know what else was fun? This umbrella stand! With a giant sea sponge as its base, this stand will for sure soak up all the rain drops off your umbrella.

A couple of cool tables lamps caught my attention: sleek & industrial or vibrant glossy orange, which one has your vote? Mine is casted on the edgy industrial prince.

Purl SoHo by far has the best selection and quality of crafty materials and supplies ever!  I wish they have a location in Toronto so I can go check the store out in person regularly.  Not all hope are lost though, as I discovered during this trip that they do ship to Canada!! YAY!

If you want to make your own mobile, why not consider these birdies? I've got myself the dove and now I just have to figure out who will actually put this together for me.

Other fun animal friends are also available: kitty, penguin, kangaroo, and bunny, they are all so cute and ready to go to a lovely home.

Aero Studio by the talented Thomas O'Brien is certainly a little piece of heaven on earth for any design bloggers.  Stylish and sophisticated, you can already see Brian's design aesthetics from the exterior of his fabulously curated shop.

I didn't want to go crazy and take thousands of pictures ... so here are a couple of shots I took "discretely" in the shop.  The furniture, lighting, and accessories all have a traditional and masculine flair with a hint of Art Deco, and yet the vignettes were incredibly inviting.  You have got to check out Aero Studios in person!  

Design Within Reach is where this fun, vibrant, and groovy vignette came from.  My friend Mary absolutely love the store.  

There she was ... sitting happy on her favourite chair and for me, I was admiring this beautifully crafted credenza in walnut.  A stunning piece for any mid-century modern home (a.k.a. my future home).

True to my chair hoarder nature, I simply couldn't resist these two iconic pieces and they are in the exact color palette I want: yellow, white, grey, and chrome ... SOLD!!

I am not in the market for a rocker ... but if I am, I would definitely consider this stylish and extremely comfortable piece.  I may not have it upholstered in brown, but I love its clean line design and the tufted back.

It is hard not to notice the creativity that gone behind the windows of the stores on 5th Avenue.  Gucci impressed me with these huge replicas of their famous handbags.  They are white, they are fab, and they are made out of recycled paper!  Now I wish I work at the store and maybe the visual team will let me take one home.  

A couple more weeks of NYC to come.  Are you ready for more? Happy weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday!  


  1. Can we talk about that yellow couch, please? Sex on a stick!!

    1. Totally! That was a great couch and very comfortable too!

  2. So fun! I need a trip to NYC stat! I may also have to order some additional animals for the nursery, especially now that I know Purl Soho ships to Canada. Baby can have the whole zoo in his room! Happy Friday!


    1. Yay!! Check out the entire zoo family ... and have fun sewing :)

  3. Ahh, you keep making me want to move to the big city with all of these NYC posts! Drooling...

    1. You and I both Kelly! I want to move to NYC!

  4. I'm with you on the credenza, we have a mid century one that we use for stationery, apart from the secret cocktail section which is reserved strictly for secret cocktails!


    1. Love it!! You have got to shoot me a couple of shots of this multi-purpose mid century piece!

  5. OH, I miss visiting NYC! Thanks for taking all those amazing photos! It is such a designer/foodie dream to visit NYC isn't it?

  6. Love, love, love. Need I say more?! ;)