Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip: Food Favourites Part II

It is Wednesday folks!! We are half way through the week and after writing about those tasty food I had in NYC on Monday, I just have to show you the place I loved so much that I actually went there twice during my 4 days visit: Oh! Taisho.

Located right in the heart of St. Marks (a.k.a. Little Japan as I call it), Oh! Taisho is quaint, authentic, and the food is delicious and reasonably priced.  Doesn't this place just makes you feel like you are in Japan?

A menu full of pictures and with descriptions in both English and Japanese.  This is our order, fully written in Japanese.  For those who speak the language, I would love to know the meaning of these characters. 

To kick start our dinner, we ordered a few appetizers and this raw salmon plate is definitely a must-try:  I give this 2 thumbs up!

Agedashi tofu is a delight Chris and I love and we always try it at different restaurants.  This one is so yummy that my friend Mary actually said "This is the best Agedashi Tofu I have ever had!!", and I couldn't agree more.  Grill skewers are up next: spring onion, sea scallop wraps in bacon, and homemade meat balls are among my favs.   

Grill saba (a.k.a. mackerel) is up next, along with ramen noodles with pork in miso broth.  

Are you wondering what this is? It is a mini deep fried octopus.  A little creasy but hey, I don't have it everyday and it tastes so good. 

We ordered some maki rolls and they came with a torch!  I have never seen this before and let me just say: you have got to try this eel maki dish with crispy top (thanks to the torch) and the secret Japanese mayo.  So GOOD!

The torch made a second appearance when we were ready for deserts:  creme brulee in green tea flavour.  I absolutely loved it.

It was such a treat to see how our food being prepared in front of us.  Some of these pictures were only possible because Mary and I were actually sitting at the bar and right in front of the chef.  Here he is: tall, handsome, and friendly.  He practically turned the dish at certain angle in order for me to take a couple of shots while he prepared them.

Are you hungry yet? I am ... and can't wait to go back to Oh! Taisho for a revisit!


  1. Oh Taisho looks fantastic, looking at this post not only makes me feel hungry but also makes me think of a friend that I love to eat japanese food with. Our meals are always interspersed with us saying "Oh my god so good, so good, oh my god" but she does draw the line at octopus which I really like, she always refers to it as 'Sigourney'!

    1. haha.. that's too funny! Paul maybe you need to let me know when you're planning a trip to NYC and I will meet you at Oh Taisho for some tasty octopus!

  2. I loved this place. I stumbled across this place in our last visit and it was amazing and so authentic. Didn't try the chicken skin skewer..............great post, and reminder of a great trip. Now i know where to go back!

    1. that was how I found the place a couple of years ago when I was in NYC and I made an effort to go back this time around. The menu had changed a little but everything tasted so good! A definite must-visit every time I am in town!

  3. fantastic Tim! I love trying new foods when travelling. So inspiring ;)

  4. So hungry now! Have you been to Guu yet in Toronto? It's not too shabby :)