Friday, July 27, 2012

Outdoor Advantage: Camping Edition

Happy Friday! Are you heading up north to cottage country this weekend? Yours truly is on his way to a canoe trip this weekend.  My wilderness journey will start at 6 am sharp and by around noon or so, I should arrive here:

As much as I enjoy being a "city boy", I do like the idea of being off grid once in a while on a remote island.  Yes, we will have to paddle to our camp site on an island and sleep in this stylish-ish looking tent for the next three nights.

Chris was hard at work last year getting the camp fire going.  Camp fire is definitely one of my favourite elements at camping: I just love barbecuing on real, wood burning fire.  Of course enjoying a glass of wine up on a rock over looking this beautiful sunset is also on top of my To-Do list.

A couple of shots from last year's trip showcasing what I love about camping: gorgeous view + do nothing and camp fire at night waiting for the stars to come out.

Here comes the not so fun part.  You see, I really don't like bugs that bite: west nile-infected mosquitoes and meat hunger deer/horse flies, are among the few that annoy me.  To avoid being eaten alive this weekend with the exceptionally warm weather, I have enlisted a few weapons for an ultimate fight off with the bugs:

Now let's hope they work as advertised and I will give you a full report upon my return on Monday!  Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. What fun - looks like a beautiful spot as well. Camp fires evoke a wonderful cosiness that I just love! Enjoy, Tim & Chris!

  2. We're going to be camping next month. Can anyone give me tips on things you would normally forget to pack so I'm well prepared. There's going to be water parks, and rides, plus the traditional camping stuff like fishing. We're going to be staying in tents, not a cabin or RV so we won't be needing any kitchen stuff I don't think. Any ideas would be great, thanks!

  3. Looks like you guys are having a blast!! We love to go camping, we actually booked our camping trip in 2 weeks and we're so stoked!! After seeing your post today is getting me even more excited!! T-14 days OH YA :)

  4. Have fun! Looks like an amazing spot!

  5. A wilderness adventure in a canoe? I'm so in, Tim:-) happy weekend!!

  6. We've had lots of fun over the years going camping. Looks like a great spot - enjoy!