Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road Trip: Jonathan Adler NYC

Happy sunny Wednesday everyone!  You all loved my visit to the Marimekko store in NYC, and today I'm going show you another must-see store that's every bit as colorful and fun as the Marimekko Store.  Ladies and Gents, today we are at the Jonathan Adler store in SoHo.

I was welcomed by this sumptuous vignette outfitted by a pair of Haines Chairs with a zebra print in deep indigo, a masculine Lampert sofa in luxurious grey velvet, the faux bamboo inspired Meurice Butler tray table, the Ventana 3 tier chandelier, and my favourite of all, the navy Talitha rug!

Kilim rug is huge right now and so is Kelly Green! I love this geometric pattern on the plate set, and how hits of black from the faux bamboo Chippendale chairs and Queen Anne mirror anchor the space.

I am inspired by the mix of gold via the wall decor objets with pale grey wall and neutral furnishings for warmth and a touch of glamour.  My favourite elements of these neutral vignettes are the large globe Capiz pendant and the use of grasscloth wallpaper with cutouts in wall for display.  Love the idea!       

A navy blue grasscloth wallpaper for this restful retreat is absolutely to die for, and so are all the furnishings and accessories in this bedroom!  I'm crazy about the Meurice chandelier in brass (if they had one in store, I probably would have come home with one), the exquisite and elegant Woodhouse bed with blush velvet, nailhead details and tufted buttons, the devilicious Naughty lamps with hint of black, and the Addison chair upholstered in navy & white floral for a refreshing look.

I would probably wrap up the entire store and ship it back to Toronto if I have all the money in the world.  Sadly it was still painful when I pinched myself in the fabulous JA store ... so here are the pieces that would have come home with me if (1) I have the space and (2) I don't have a mortgage.  Chris just asked me to multi-purpose the dining room to allow for a home office ... for him.  Equipped with three drawers, this Channing console may just fit the bill.  However, this console is only 48" in length and I want the desk a little longer (at least 60").  Perhaps a 4 drawers version will work but such version is currently not in production.  Doesn't that lucite knob on mirror hardware just make your knees weak? Mine did when we first met!      

Vintage, faux bamboo, and brass ... I have nothing else to say.  One word: LOVE ... it is truly love at first sight.

You all know I love faux bamboo and mid-century modern chairs.  Unfortunately they are not that easy to hunt down in Toronto and they often eat up a big chunk out of the budget after factoring in the surgery costs (refinishing and reupholstering).  To save you hours of searching over the internet, here are a couple of options available at JA: the white Chippendale chair and the Facet Dining chair.  While the Chippendale chair is available in black or white, the Facet Dining chair can be re-imagined in limitless fabric options and 9 base finishes.   Talking about complete customization at its best!

I love this indigo and cream rug for its classic nautical palette (perfect for summer) and it is reversible!!  Now I regret that I didn't try harder to figure out how to get a 5' x 8' area rug into my luggage.  Anyone has any tips on how to get a rug on a plane and across the border ... please shoot me a comment.  I am serious!    

I was also going to pick up a pair of the Meurice mirrors for a living room/dining room project, thinking the mirrors would be easier to fit inside my luggage.  Well, they are out of stock until early August.  Isn't this brass side table gorgeous? I adore it, especially with the rich walnut top.       

Beautiful Radcliffe etagere with a full house of porcelain friends from the animal kingdom.  I didn't see this peacock bowl in store but if I did, it would totally be sitting in my living room right now!

Check out these solid brass lovelies!  So much fun and they add whimsy + lightheartedness to any spaces.   They surely did put a big smile on my face the moment they caught my eyes.

Two final items on my must-have list:

* This preppy rope tote has "beach party" written all over it.  With the vibrant blue stripes and white anchor motif, this definitely is the coolest tote in town!

A pair of cross leg benches are one of my favourites to have under a console for a dynamite vignette.  I have certainly created one in a project (you will see soon) with a pair of super cool benches I sourced in Toronto. Had I seen this X-bench in indigo zebra by Jonathan Adler at the time, a pair of these bad boys would have been shipped to Canada! 

I absolutely loved, have died and gone to heaven of all things patterned, decadent, and elegant.  Love to hear if you have also "seen the light".  See you all on Friday for my recap for this week's Sarah 101 and you won't want to miss this one!


  1. wow...this store is some serious eye candy!

    1. totally! it's crazy fab and totally addictive!

  2. One of my fave stores in SoHo. Love how they style the stores vignettes!

    I remember the Sales Associate in their now closed Miami store telling me that they could ship to Toronto. Maybe they can ship you the rug? Shouldn't be too expensive and likely way less than buying it here!!

    BTW, don't tell Chris I told you that! ;)


    1. I have asked them about shipping and the associate in store told me shipping is pricey to get across the border. It maybe cheaper to take a truck down on my own or a buffalo address :)

    2. Tim, I have a Buffalo address for you if you need to order anything, it's pretty cheap. Could be dangerous, though :-)

    3. yay!! please email me the info :)

      You could do that by clicking on my picture on the top right corner and it will take you to my website with a contact page :)

    4. I'll do that. Also wanted to mention that I found those gorgeous green plates in your picture last fall at HomeSense for a steal - I bought the set & totally love them. And Nadia found these great JA vases, have a look They have been carrying Jonathan Adler lately - it's worth it to keep your eyes peeled :)

  3. Just love everything designed by Jonathan Adler!

  4. I'm so jealous of all these beautiful store you went to in NYC! That lime green carpet totally caught my attention! It's gorgeous! You'll definitely go back right? lol