Friday, May 11, 2012

London Express with Sarah Richardson

Hello Friday! The weekend is almost within reach and the weatherman is once again forecasting gorgeous weather ahead. A talented design blogger from UK, Mr. Will of Bright Bazzar, says London has been rainy + grey lately and not so much fun to be outside. This is typical spring weather in London I suppose. If you can't get brightness from Mother Nature, why not taking matters in your own hands and make your interiors light, airy, sophisticated, and effortlessly elegant with tips from Sarah Richardson Design?

Sarah, Tommy, Kate and the design team were commissioned to breath new life into this exquisite row house in London. Thanks to House & Home, we now get to see this beautiful, classic, luxurious home the team created for the super lucky homeowners! To me, England is all about tradition, history and at the same time, always at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and home d├ęcor trends. This is exactly what Sarah has done in this townhouse 5 hours ahead of Toronto schedule!

This living room has two fireplaces (you only get to see one in this shot) and according to my book, there is never too much of a good thing when it comes to having two incredibly handsome fireplaces in one room.  However, it does present a challenge in the furniture placement department, keeping in mind that there are two natural focal points in the room.  To tackle this challenge, Sarah placed two Fiona sofas (my new favourite ... it will be mine one day!) backing onto one another in the middle of the room.  This ingenious idea completely opens up the space for maximum seating capacity and perfect for entertaining.  The layout may seem symmetrical to some, however if you look closely, you will notice the two rugs are similar in patterns but in different hues.  Same goes to the coffee tables: one in gold and another in cast iron.

I have always loved Sarah's choice of chandeliers.  This delicate murano glass number with cut crystals is purely divine and it echos the brass wall sconce next to those sumptuous drapes.  

Oh ... a Sarah Richardson chaise.  This chaise is probably a new style of Sarah's ever-growing indoor furniture collection.  I love the camel back silhouette, and it is just the perfect piece to sit next to the fireplace in this heritage home.  I must admit ... I don't read much, but I totally love this library and would love to have one just like that in my future home.  With a stately library like this & a pair of extremely comfortable red velvet wingback chairs, I can be convinced to start reading!

While the cream and cranberry palette takes central stage in the living room, watery blue, sand, and natural stone are in-charged in this custom kitchen.  I absolutely love the backsplash in this kitchen.  Yes it is a more traditional pattern but hey, this is also a designated heritage row home in London England!  Sarah and her team couldn't have picked a better tile for this application.  An antique wine-tasting table provides the family a spot for casual dining.  It also helps warm up the otherwise slightly cool palette in the kitchen.

The family room takes on a more relaxed, eclectic approach in furnishings: an industrial metal coffee table on casters, bold and playful fabrics as draperies and toss pillows, a gilded gold side table that looks like a tree, and a sofa with unique fabric application (main sofa is covered by herringbone-style linen and seats are in mohair velvet).  The panel details on the walls are to die for, and I will totally install them in my next home.

The bathroom!! One thing I've learned from watching Sarah's shows for years is that we should never underestimate the potential of pre-loved furniture.  This vanity is probably a vintage piece, but with a trip to the sprayer and a custom marble top, it is by far a much more attractive piece than any new creation.  The entire wall of mosaic tiles and polished chrome towel warmer are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they also add a touch of luxury to the bathroom.  My favourite element in this bathroom, the pair of vintage wall sconces! Love them .. just absolutely love them!  Found one on Black Rooster, hopefully I will be able to convince a client to use them!

Of course I love every Sarah's room ... I mean, check out all the spaces in this house! How can you not fall in love with it all? The attention to detail, the level of sophistication, and the layering of materials, colors, and patterns are bang-on throughout the house.  I love how Sarah's winning formula of pastel walls with vivid hues as accent strikes every time!  Hats off to Sarah, Tommy, Kate and the entire SR design team for all the inspiration via this fabulously decorated home.

Now if you want to see more beautiful rooms designed by Sarah and her team, House and Home has put together a photo gallery of Sarah Richardson Design.  Here you will find more pictures of this London home, and other projects featured on H&H in the past.

Hope you enjoy this special feature.  Remember, the new season of Sarah 101 is only a couple of weeks away! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Row house. Not roll house.

    1. oops .... I should really stop writing my blog at 2am! Thanks for pointing it out :)

  2. Hello Tim
    First I want to give you the congratulations for your apartment, is magnificent.
    Many of the news from my favorite designer are brought for you.
    I am sorry that here in Portugal there are not any channels that show her programs. Thanks for sharing all about Sarah, and if you know of any way to see the programs on the internet, please share.
    Thank you.