Monday, April 9, 2012

Local Talent: Lia from Mod Nest

Happy Easter Monday!  I am just about to wrap-up my mini vacay and getting ready to head home.  Hope you all have a fantastic time with family and friends over the long weekend.  From what I read on twitter, many of you have gone Spring "Treasure Hunting" at garage sales, antique shops, and flee markets.  So I thought for today's post, let me introduce you all to Mod Pieces, an online one-of-a-kind lamp store, where Lia (an interior designer, lamp stylist & decor writer contributing to Style at Home Blog) handcrafts lamps that are made from vintage materials (i.e. lamp base, lamp shades).

Lia's core business value is to makeover pre-loved pieces with eco-friendly practices, and offer customers the opportunity to express their personal style through specific customization, whether it is the color for the base and patterns on the shade.  I am completely on board with Lia's green approach to  design and admire her dedication and devotion to creating sustainable and sentimental pieces, that are truly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, to all her customers.

So you can imagine how honoured I was when Lia asked me if I would contribute to the first edition of "Mod Pieces Lookbook", where I used "Blake" as my jumping off point to decorate an entire room.  Before I show you what I come up with, here is Blake living large at the OOAK Show.

image via Mod Nest
The photographs are absolutely stunning and without further delay, here is the first edition of "Mod Pieces Lookbook":

What a breathtaking warehouse!  The raw, un-refined quality of the space is definitely the perfect backdrop to showcase and juxtapose the delicate nature of these vintage, handcrafted lamps.  Here is the latest collection at Mod Pieces

Before I show you what our talented editor and all the fabulous contributors have come up with, here is a little bio for all of us.

First up is Lia, the designer behind Mod Nest, and her favourite lamp: Morley.

I love the earthy quality of Morley and the moose fabric is just perfect for the Canadiana theme.  Lia selected simple, sophisticated pieces with an industrial flair to pair with Morley.  I heart those planters and reclaim wood coffee table on casters.  

Up next is Lola and the Aster twins.  

Lola has a beautiful wood base that's full of character.  This suzani fabric shares a similar color tone and its graphic pattern mingos well with the shapely base.  I love how Colleen continues the emphasis on warmth factor via natural walnut and the caramel leather chair and ottoman.  Who wouldn't want this in cottage country?

The Aster Twins are, without a doubt, a pair of loud statements.  To embrace the larger than life personality of these lamps, Hilary curated a collection of luxe, textile, and unique furnishings in hues of red and grey.  I think the red oak end tables are a match in heaven for these twins to sit on, especially when placed on either side of this glamorous rockafeller sofa with mohair upholstery, down filled seat cushions, and tufted details. 

Of course you all know I love the simple sophistication from the black & white + grey palette.  So it should be of no surprise to you that I love the Sawyer.

Meg did a great job in her room and I particularly love the gold accents, the gutsy animal print as toss pillow, and the pair of horn bookends in her curation.  

Last but not least, may I present to you Blake and the Nico Twins.

Here is my contribution to the Lookbook.  With a neutral grey and white palette, Blake can go with whatever design direction I desired.  Taking cue from the mid-century vibe from Blake, I went with classic, streamlined furniture for the most part.   To add a touch of glamour and up the "mod" factor, I  paired Blake with a stunningly gorgeous brass mirror and this jaw-dropping statement chandelier.  It is no secret that I'm currently obsessed with indigo + mustard yellow.  Blake offers me the opportunity to do just that: decadent pillow cases from Caitlin Wilson Textiles and this sumptuous Betty Rug from Design Within Reach.    

Thanks Lia for all the stunning images and this fantastic opportunity to curate a room with your fab one-of-a-kind lamp. It was truly my pleasure to work with Blake.  Also want to say a big Thank You to Lia in advance for her wonderful work on my two enormous lamp shades.  Can't wait to show you all how they turned out in a couple of weeks.

In the mean time, check out Mod Pieces and pick up a lamp or two of Lia's creative work for your space.  I already have my eyes on two pieces from the orphanage section.  Can you guess which two I am after?


  1. I adore Lia and her lamps! They add such character to any room. Great feature.

  2. Thanks so much for this fabulous feature, Tim!