Monday, March 19, 2012

Success: Gus* Warehouse Sale 2012

Happy Monday!  The annual GUS* Warehouse Sale took place this past Saturday.  Many of you might have checked out my survival guides here and here prior to this sale.  I live by these two posts and my third adventure at the Gus* Sale is yet another huge success!  Thanks Neil for all the amazing products and better yet, unbelievable prices!

Here is our gang by the door.  They arrived the warehouse at around 5am and secured the second spot.  Yes, arriving at 5am could only land yourself at second place.  The first group arrived at 4am!  The line soon extended to wrapping around the warehouse and this shot was taken at 7:45am.

Everyone knows that customer service and satisfaction is one of the many strong points at Style Garage and Gus*.  Understanding that many customers had been waiting in line for hours in a musty rainy morning, the stuff brought hot coffee from Tim Horton's with a whole lot of "rrroll up" cups.  See my friend at the bottom right corner and how her attention was 100% devoted to these cups?  Well, if you couldn't find what you're looking for inside the warehouse, maybe you could have a few cups of complementary coffee and win yourself a car!

Sofas and upholstered pieces dominated this warehouse sale.  If you are looking for side tables and other accessories, maybe you will have better luck at the Style Garage sale in the Fall.

Since I'd covered how to survive the sale twice already, today my focus is on the incredible deals I found at the sale.  This sectional is extremely comfortable and it is actually one of the earlier designs that has long been discontinued.  Somehow the staff found a brand new one in perfect condition.  The color is neutral grey and with its relaxed cushion back, this piece will lend itself in any spaces.  Best of all, it is only $1,150!

In case you are have trouble envisioning if different pieces would play well together in a room, well check this out: Gus* has already put the pieces that work happily together in one spot of you.  For example, the Atwood collection (sofa and chair ... I love it for the subtle tufting and the handsome walnut wood frame) and the popular Return Bench in zebrano are a match made in heaven.  I love how the elegant and sophisticated lines of the Atwood pieces complement the strong visual zebrano wood grain on the bench.  I can totally see this combination in a chic mid-century home.

Continuing with the tailored gentleman vibe, a pair of these luxe Essentials Delano chairs in rich mid-tone leather truly fits the bill, especially when they are only $450 a piece.     

Here is the Atwood sectional in charcoal grey upholstery and natural ash wood frame.  Can't you tell I love this design? If I haven't just up-cycled my new sofa, I totally would have picked this handsome prince and arranged for same day delivery.  Only $1,150 my friend ... and that includes delivery!

With my full attention dedicated to sofas for the first 10 minutes, this sensational sleeper in the most delicious tomato red was snapped up by another buyer and I didn't even get to catch the price.  I see this in a double duty guest bedroom/home office vignette.  What do you think?

If you have been following my blog, you should know by now that I have a soft spot for chairs.  In fact, some blog buddies of mine call me a chair hoarder.  Of course I am still in denial and will continue to share my love for the Truss Chair and GT Rocker.  I heart the creamy white chenille fabric with a natural wood frame (oh-so swedish) and of course the cherry red for a shot of bold color.    

Now are you ready to meet my absolute new love? This chair (name unknown at this point) will be the latest addition to the Gus* family and I am telling you, I am almost 100% certain that you will see one or two of this amazing chair in my own place one day.  You just wait and see!

I also have to show you a close-up of the ultra soft wool fabric, sophisticated tufting, and contrasting stitching details in white: mouth-watering eh?  While we are on the topic of material detailing, let's check out this warm leather Cohen Chair.  I am particularly digging the whole gentleman library look.  

Now if you are handy or resourceful and looking for some jaw-dropping, crazy deals of the century, you need to check out the "Handyman Special".  In this section, pieces maybe mis-matched or missing some covers or cushions.  For example, this sofa here has a two tone cream and grey combo.  If you are an upholster or have a good relationship with one, why not pick this bad boy up for $250?

Here comes another great deal.  This Jane Bi-sectional is missing its partner and a seat cushion.  For just the chaise and an extra back cushion, Gus* was asking for $200.  May I remind you the Jane bi-sectional is going for $3,250 at retail.

In this case, I would say if you are looking for a chaise and know someone who can custom the seat cushion, go for it!  The stainless steel frame itself is worth $200!  I am not concerned about matching my new fabric to the charcoal grey that is already on the back cushions and the chaise frame, as it is very popular for designers to use different fabrics for seat cushions on upholstery items to achieve that "custom look".  The one thing I would point out though is to make sure the side profile of the chaise (which is originally part of a sectional sofa) looks finished ... and this one is done to perfection.  

Another deal is this bamboo top Douglas Table with stainless steel frame for $350.  The top is cracked but the base is in perfect condition.  It didn't jump out at me with it being a crazy deal until I discovered Gus* was giving away some table tops, same size as this cracked one, for free!  So if you pick this table up for $350 and act fast enough to grab one of the free tops, you are going home with this amazing table in perfect condition for $350! 

Ok ... time to wrap up this post and let me show you what we've got:  afterall, I did title this post "Success: Gus* Warehouse Sale 2012".  How successful were we? Well, we scored a Spencer sofa for $700 (retail at $2,150) and a Jane Bi-Sectional for $1,150 (retail at $3,250) ... for a total saving of $3,550!  No wonder my friends were looking so happy sitting on their new sofa.  Of top of that, my friend also picked up an Annex cabinet for $700 (retail at $1,750).

As for myself ... who totally wasn't planning on buying anything until I met the Stump family.  This is a new line at Gus* in 2012 and these prototypes are in next to no scratches condition!  Yours truly scored a coffee and a side table for an incredible price (can't tell the price I paid here or else Chris may kill me).

What I can show you though is a sneak peek of this gorgeous beauty in my living room.  You will get to see the entire room in May when I unveil "My Place: Spring+Summer 2012".

See you all on Wednesday!


  1. Great buy, Tim! Thanks for sharing this fun adventure with us all. I LOVE the Atwood collection in the grey colourway! Have a great week! :)

  2. I wish I had a second house to decorate as this post is making me itch to buy more furniture!

  3. FUN! What a sale, you must keep us informed for next year and the upcoming fall sales, Tim! Love your new tables.

  4. Wow, I can't believe the incredible bargains at this sale!! It's definitely worth lining up in the middle of the night to score a great piece at an amazing price. Can't wait to see the reveal of the latest makeover of your place;-)

  5. Thanks Ladies and Gent! Yes the sale was incredible but you also need to act really fast!! People will just take it off your hand the moment you let the item out of sight.

    Glad that my friends got the pieces they want and now we are moving 5 steps closer in getting these rooms finished! I can't wait to finish up these rooms and share them with you all!

  6. You should have told your friends not to let so many people in the line up. You pissed off a lot of people. You know what I'm talking about.

    1. We were only there to help our friends to look for the sofas they are looking for. I only got to the two items AFTER the sofas hunt was done and the other friends only picked up 2 of the square lights that was sitting there un-purchased around 8:30am.

  7. So exciting, I love living vicariously through you. As IF I would be in line at 5 am. I mean, I would really want to. I would plan to and even set my alarm. But the odds of me making it would be zilch. Those tables are awesome. I can't wait for the big reveal!

    1. Anonymous was right. I wasn't there at 5am as I was only there to help my friends to select the sofas that work in their space. Again I only saw those tables after the sofa consultation is completed and by then the people lined up outside had already been in the warehouse.

  8. He actually didn't stroll in until about 7:30

  9. Wow, so many great items! Love your find!!! I hope you're well!