Friday, March 9, 2012

Style at Home Special: Debbie Travis

Happy Friday!! The weekend is almost here and with the weather man telling us that double digits + sunshine is ahead, I figure what is more appropriate for today's post than this bright, fresh, and very chic home in London, England?  Best of all, this is the home of Ms. Debbie Travis, an amazing designer whose creative work sparks my interest in interior decorating 13 years ago with her hit series: Debbie Travis' Painted House and Facelift!

I'm incredibly honoured to share the pages of the April Issue of Style at Home with Ms. Debbie Travis and let me share with you all Debbie's fabulous 1840s workman's cottage in London, England.  If you have seen Debbie's shows, you know she is ingeniously creative and anything but conventional.  In this bedroom, Debbie uses a high contrast black + white palette with a radiant pop of intense yellow: who says London rains all the time!  And if you think a headboard is the only practical and decorative creation at the front of your bed ... well, think again!  With an oversized, overstuffed toss cushion, the look is causal and inviting, not to mention it must feels like you are leaning on a fluffy cloud.

The modern chic black & white palette is carried throughout the house and in this living room, Debbie uses strong, contemporary colors such as deep, luxurious purple and vibrant yellow with a hint of lime green to liven up the space.  While hardwood floor adds warmth to this living quarter, the contemporary interpretation of a traditional urn motif on the fabric for pillows and lamp shade reminiscences the history of the 19th century home.  

The dining room is sophisticated, well-appointed, and full of surprises.  I love how the soft purple vases, placemats, runner, lavender candles, and of course these elegant alliums, accenturate the sleek contemporary interiors through. layering, colors,and textile interests.  For yet another unexpected twist, Debbie pairs a rustic reclaimed wood top with iron base with four refined, Eames molded chairs with eiffel bases.  Just to add some fun and spice in life!

Now, the kitchen is absolutely to die for.  With full height glass folding doors that open up to the zen-inspired backyard oasis, who wouldn't want to be invited to Debbie's outdoor tea party?  Aside from these dynamite doors, I love how the white kitchen cabints contrast with black + stainless steel appliance, and how the walnut cabinet frames (behind these glossy white doors) add warm to the space.

Being the Queen of DIYs, Debbie shares with us her ingenious ideas on how to create that special touch in your home without blowing the budget.  In her fabulous feature, Debbie shows us how she transforms a pair of vintage wood corbels into a console at her foyer, creates a pair of mirrors that resembles the pricy versions by BDDW, and a simple but very effective headboard ... again with the vibrant pop yellow urn fabric. 

Thank you so much Debbie for sharing your spring-inspired London home with us and your favourite hot spots in your neighbourhood!  Also a big thank you to Style at Home for bringing Debbie's inspirational London home all the way to Canada.  Now I just have to convince Chris that we need to make a stop in London this summer when we visit Germany!

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. I know, I poured over this spread of Debbie's home as well! Love the colour, and yet it still seems very uncluttered and chic. I love the mix of rustic and old, especially with her dining table and chairs.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with Kelly! I loved the saturated colour palette, clean aesthetic and of course that dining room. So luxe, yet totally liveable! It's a hard balance to strike, but Debbie nailed it! Happy weekend to you Tim ;)

  3. Everything about this feature is crisp & polished, much like your blog. Beautiful layout & presentation, lovely ideas.
    Rani needs to de-clutter in this divine space

    Cheers for a fabulous & flourishing day

  4. I love the wooden mirror in the opener, Tim. Fab spread - thanks for sharing with us! :)

  5. Everything looks so gorgeous and fresh. Loved it! I agree with Amy, it is so luxe yet totally liveable. Your place also looked incredible. Beautiful colors and so so happy!

    1. Thanks Beatrice!! Was just checking out your DIY headboards and they are incredible!! I will be working on two projects that involve headboards... maybe ... well maybe ... I will attempt a DIY headboard!