Friday, March 30, 2012

Samantha Pynn: Sneak Peek into Summer Home 2

Hello Friday!  At last, the weekend is almost here and so is the premiere of Summer Home with Samantha Pynn.  Sam and her design team have put together 13 fun-filled episodes determine to entertain, inspire, and knock you off that cough because you will be planning for your own summer home!  

image credit: John Queenan

Now some of us may not have a Summer Home, but that doesn't mean we cannot bring summer into our homes! Here are a few simple yet effective tips from Sam at Cityline:

Always looking out for my readers, I have got you all a little sneak peek into the incredible transformation for the Bretts in episode one: Room to Grow.  The cottage has great bone and the million dollar feature of course is that amazing ceiling and best of all, it's already painted white!  The issue of the space is well. .. not enough "space" for the family of 5 (and their friends).

image credit: John Queenan

With a lot of help from Sam and the talented Joel (see his place here), this is the AFTER room!  Can't even imagine this is the same room and if I have one thing to say: can I move in here too? 

image credit: Virginia Macdonald

And what else I've got for all my lovely readers you wonder?  Let's put our hands together to welcome the one and only Samantha Pynn!

Tim:  I loved your first TV series, Pure Design, for all the dramatic elements and elegant aesthetics.  What impressed me the most is your commitment to green, sustainable designs to minimize our carbon footprints.  Will "green design" be the core value of this season of Summer Home?

Sam:  Green design has really become a given for me. Wherever I can I will save kitchens – I like the look of refreshed retro cabinetry. And when I can’t save a kitchen, I will make sure that whatever is salvageable gets donated to habitat for humanity. The country is an easy place to be green because you don’t want the type of furniture you’d put into your downtown condo. You want pieces that have a patina.

Paint is key to upcycling and unifying furniture as well as a little upholstery. Whenever you can, try to see what you own in a different light. Can that old cabinet in the basement work upstairs as clothing storage? Or a vanity in the bathroom. I love second hand furniture not only because you’re keeping something out of the landfill site, but also because it’s a great way to get a piece that has your own personal stamp, and you can save money too!

T:  Sam, I'm also a big fan of your TV specials: The Mix and The Party.  I love that you visited different designers' homes for inspiration, re-interpreted their ideas into your own creation, and added the Sam Pynn's glam touches.  Did you inject some glamour into these 13 summer homes?     

S:  I can’t resist the glam. It calls to me. There are definitely elements like chairs painted in Hermes orange, ikat fabrics on 70s glam chairs, giant light fixtures paired with giant tables (I could keep going on and on) however, cottages have to be relaxed especially when you have a gaggle of kids running from the lake to the kitchen for a sticky popsicle.

T:  We all need a little glam in life don't we? Sam, I watched your YouTube video footage.  Your attire went from jacket to beachwear, how long did it take to produce the 13 fabulous episodes for Summer Home Season 2?

S:  We started shooting in June and wrapped at the end of October. I know that seems crazy fast, and we were on fast-forward, but these renos were completed with an army of talented experts and so much care.

And yes, I had to push my stilettos and wrap dresses to the back of my closet – I can’t believe how many plaid shirts I own now!

T:  Love it!  And Speaking about all the fun behind-the-scene footage, what is the most memorable moment during the filming of Summer Home?    

S:  There were so many memorable moments, but my most memorable was when I was so high on sugar (carob chips and butter tarts) that I started dancing with a broom. Not my most glam moment, but I had such a good time. The whole was good times (and great design)! 

T:  Thanks Sam for having me for the quick Q&A.  I look forward to be blown away and inspired by all your ingenious design solutions and know-hows to add glam to summer homes!

S:  Tim, you are awesome! I love that you know all that’s happening in the world of decorating and design inside and out! xoxoxoxoxo 

Don't you just love Sam? Summer Home is also packed with an amazing army of talents. You have seen Malcolm in "The Mix" and  I wasn't joking when I said you will definitely be seeing more of Joel's handy work real soon!

image credit: Tim Leyes

Before I leave you all to start planning your summer home this weekend, here is another behind the scene clip for us to appreciate all the "hard work" that makes this exciting season a reality!


  1. Awesome interview Tim! I love Samantha's would be such a dream to chat with her. You're so lucky.
    I loved the questions you came up with. And loved Samantha's answers. She seems so down-to-earth. The season looks like it's going to be such a good one. Can't wait!

  2. I loved your questions for Sam! Watched the first episode and moving back the main wall a few feet and adding the fireplace completely transformed the room. I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes.

  3. Tim,
    You have run such a great series of posts on Samantha. I can attest that she is just as lovely and genuine in person as she appears on TV. I remember her visiting our home on a Saturday to go over plans for a room in our house! She really wanted us to be happy and spent a lot of time listening to ideas that were important to our family.
    I noticed that John Queenan shot the first photo of Sam in this post. He was behind the camera on Pure Design and was wonderful to work with. He is a talented photographer and I have seen his work in many House and Home Lottery houses.
    I look forward to Sam's new show.
    Great Q & A with her as well.

  4. How awesome is this? I just LOVE Sam's work so it's so fun to read an interview with her here, Tim. Thanks for posting for us all! Have a top weekend, Mr!

  5. Cannot wait for this series! I am a big Sam Pynn fan and was so pleased to hear she'll be back on the screen. Not only does she have great decorating style but her dresses are always killer. Any clues as to where I should be shopping in Toronto to get those great printed dresses?

  6. I have been a huge fan of Samantha Pynn since watching her show 'Pure Design' on tv a few years ago. She has great design aesthetic and is very charming on screen.

    Great interview, Tim. Thanks for featuring this talented designer!

    Have a good day!


  7. I love Samantha - one of my FAVOURITES! Her design is just up my alley!

  8. Thanks Ladies and Gent!! Don't you just love Sam? I love her work too and can't wait to see how she mingos city glam with country chic!

    Glad you all enjoyed the interview as well. It was so much fun to come up with the questions (did take me some time) and Sam's answers are awesome!