Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Samantha Pynn: The Mix

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Can't believe it is already the end of March and you all know what that means: time to start planning our spring/summer palette!  Yours truly is busy cooking up a storm with a pile of delicious fabrics.  With plans set in stone, I am aiming to reveal my Spring/Summer palette in May.

If you are looking for a jumping off point, simple ideas to refresh your home, or inspirations (or excuses in my case) for an overhaul, well ... Sam is here to offer just that!  The new season of Summer Home starts April 2nd and with 13 exciting episodes to come, I am sure you will be blown away by Sam's ingenious ideas and applause her commitment to sustainable, green design.   

image credit: John Queenan

I'd shared with you on Monday my favourite rooms from Pure Design.  Today, let me show you where I caught my royal blue and muted brass fever.  Thanks to this amazing feature at the October Issue of the Style at Home magazine: Ladies and Gents, please welcome Ms. Samantha Pynn and "The Mix".

Eclectic, layered, and glamourous: this condo suite is every home owner's dream.  I do mean it!  It feels absolutely like a "house" thanks to Sam's expertise in room layout to maximum every last square inch of the space, and of course that million dollar lake view.  Still can't believe this small dining room now seats 6 comfortably without feeling cramped.  I credit it all to the over-scale statement mirrored pendant and the luxe indigo blue drapes to reflect light and give the room its dimension.

I have never thought of putting a table and topping it with a huge dogwood branch in the middle of a hallway, but it totally works!  It adds drama, softness, romantic flair, and double as a "room divider" between the foyer and the main living space.  If you have seen my condo in the April Issue of Style at Home, you know that I am obsessed with colors and patterns.  So it should be of no surprise to you all that I'm banana crazy about this living room ... Just where do I start??

I love how Sam upholstered the main pieces of furniture in neutral grey and kept the fireplace surround, the floating shelves, and the feet of the furniture in warm white.  The pattern is BOLD on the rug but it blends in harmoniously with the overall calming and serene palette because it is also in grey & white.  With the backdrop being set, Sam injected gold (via the coffee table and side table), blue (via vases and dynamite artwork), and hot tomato red (via accessories) to enliven the space.

The overall impression is a well-loved room filled with treasures collected over time.  Who would have thought this room was a blank slate builder basic box 14 days ago?            

Inherited a kitchen in good condition but the color is hard to stomach?  Well, Sam had a "situation" and instead of opting an all new kitchen, she sprayed and painted the cabinet grey to make sure this gourmet kitchen talks to the luxe living space.  With brushed nickel hardware, the kitchen is now a showstopper without spending a fortune.  

I'm also a big fan of this breakfast nook off the kitchen.  Honestly, who doesn't want to enjoy the morning tea and paper on a bright Saturday morning in a stylish and comfy breakfast nook like this?  This "tree" table with white marble top (available at Elte) is to die for!  I will have it one day when I can figure out where to put it.      

Aside from being totally floored by all the creative solutions and mixes of patterns & textures, I am so kicking myself for not having a chance to see this suite in person!  It is less than 100 meters away from my condo!  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery: so don't be surprised to see some of the design elements in "The Mix" showing up in my Spring/Summer reveal.

You will have to wait until May to see my condo but Summer Home is all ready for you on Monday April 2nd!  Here is another fun-filled sneak peek for you for Summer Home and how a city girl like Sam embraces the great outdoor.

I just can't help but feel happy after watching these clips.  Come back Friday for the 3rd of my Summer Home Preview Special! 


  1. I LOVE Samantha's style - one of my favourite designers. Love how approachable her design is, so real and yet so incredibly stylish!

  2. I totally relate to Samantha's style and how she mixes styles, old and new. So looking forward to Summer Home!

  3. I have featured this gorgeous condo on my blog too. I just love the living room with that bold geometry rug and that gorgeous dining nook. That branch table is to die for, love the color palette as well.

    Adore Samantha's style. It's always fresh, colorful and stylish!