Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Special: Romance at Indigo

Valentine's Day is a short week away and if you are still not sure what to get for your significant other, you have got to check out Indigo!  The buying team at Indigo has done such an amazing job in pulling together a beautiful collection that will surely fit the bill.  Well at least my bill!

Coral is sizzling hot right now. In fact, it is my favourite shade of "pink": not too feminine, not too baby girl ... it has just the right amount of orange to make it boys friendly!  Pairing with white and soft grey, this coral vignette at Indigo looks fresh and chic.

For the girls, why not consider this ultra soft pale pink scarf with a champaign undertone?  I also love this red polka dot note book.  It speaks "French" to me and so is this "Book of Stickers"!    

While we are talking about note book, how about this charming journal with a natural linen sleeve for all your happy thoughts? If you are not big on writing journals, how about this little message bottle?  I just absolutely adore this romantic idea.  I know I will up on the moon if I receive one from Chris.  

Bud vases in white and coral: perfect for simple floral arrangement with other organic decorative accessories.  Love to see one with a single bloom sitting on a tray in the bathroom.  These panettone boxes are pretty aren't they? Inside these gift sets are actually fragrance hand cream and soap from MOR.      

Chocolate truffles or "Teas for The Heart", I'm sure they will put a big smile on Chris' face.

Now for the boys, I love these soft cotton/linen blend hand towels in grey stripes and if love lavender as much as I do, then this hand cream and bath salt are surely coming home with you.  

Made in thick and heavy glass, this masculine bottle is an incredibly stylish alternative to house your mouthwash.  I love the softness and texture on these moroccan inspired accessories in matte white.  Just imagine how effortlessly elegant your bathroom will look with this "Chanel number 5" style bottle and a couple of these matte white boxes.     

A couple of whimsical items at the top of my wish list: an origami bunny bank in matte white and these cast iron spoons with a leaf motif.  

These are my picks from Indigo for my countdown to Valentine's Day.  Check them out before they are gone from the store!

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  1. Love the striped blankets...they look sooo inviting on a chilly February morning! Thanks all ;)