Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Style at Home: 20 Questions with Tim Lam of DesignMaze

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was going to take you on a shopping spree at South Beach Miami today but I've got something even more fabulous for you!  Today I am at styleathome.com chatting with Elaine: from my favourite movie interiors to what I love to do the most on a Sunday afternoon, the interview has it all!  

image via styleathome.com

Thanks Elaine for all your complements and what a fun interview!  I look forward to seeing the April Issue of Style at Home hitting the newsstand next week. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Congrats on the S@H interview Tim! How exciting :D
    I can't wait for the April issue to arrive in my mailbox...you don't happen to be in it, do you?!!!

  2. Congrats Tim! Great interview my friend!

  3. Tim,
    This is such a great feature. Your success and recognition are so well deserved. I am thrilled so see the accolades come your way!

    I was at ABC Carpet and Home this week and had many moments where I thought, "Tim would love this!" The discount section in the basement was amazing to browse. Madeline Weinrib for a bargain. I was foolish for taking a small bag. Hope you are well my friend.

  4. Thanks Trio!!

    It was certainly fun to do the interview with Elaine, and I was very grateful for the opportunity.

    You will have to take me with you next time to go to ABC Carpet!! I would love to go with you!

    1. I had never been before and it was my one must see in New York. Loved it. Just got my Style at Home. You look amazing and so does your condo. Loved seeing the rooms in print!