Thursday, February 16, 2012

Southern Sensation: Estates Edition

Happy Thursday everyone!  In case you didn't notice, I was out of the country for a couple of weeks and where did I go you wonder?  Chris and I were down south at Florida and the Caribbean to beat old man Winter and got a much needed "doing nothing" vacation!

Just as any vacay, we need accommodation.  For today, may I present to you "The Estates" we stayed at in Fort Lauderdale.

It is hard to believe that with a short 2.5 hours flight, this beautiful ranch style house in tropical climate is where I call home for the first part of my vacay.  

Speaking about grandeur and curb appeal, I just can't get over the curvaceous driveway, the mature palm trees that frame the exterior of the home, the well-executed landscaping with vibrant fuchsia from the exotic plant materials, and the stately double doors in solid wood for "first impression".  

Love the beautiful shades of coral and laying of materials on the roof and the driveway.  Couldn't you tell I love coral this season?

What a sight for sore eyes for the perfect greeting the moment you open the doors.  The intricate wooden screen gives the foyer its dimension, the rustic console table and sea grass baskets add warmth and layers, and the vivid green from the plant (it is a real plant may I add) offers a shot of color: what is not to love about this first impression?     

This living room is comfortable, inviting, and full of southern charm.  I love the rich wood tone on the ceiling (not to mention the soaring ceiling) and the plantation style ceiling fan.  This is big because you all know I don't usually like ceiling fans, but this one totally works.

A tactile limestone wall on the other side of the living room sets the stage for a limited edition vintage bike in brand new condition to be the star of the show.  I also love the grouping of colorful photography at the back wall.  Together, the artwork and the bike have livened up the space.

What is the purpose of the limestone wall you ask?  Well, it acts as a "room divider" to separate the the living room and the kitchen + mini office.  

The casual eat-in area next to the kitchen is flooded with natural light thanks to the extra wide glass sliding doors and the skylight. Isn't this French Bulldog canvas bag the most adorable shopping bag ever?

Now let's talk about the sleeping quarters.  Here is the guest bedroom and bathroom, with rich american walnut as the common thread throughout the house.  This bedroom is infused with a touch of plantation flair from the ceiling fan and Japanese influence from the shoji screen table lamps.  

You all know I love Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe, and clearly I am not alone.  Check out the use of artwork and tile detail in this bathroom.  Many of our friends south of the border have also been watching Sarah's House and Sarah 101!

As for the Master, this "zen" bedroom is where you want to be after a couple hours of flight: the perfect place for a busy city boy like myself to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.  Yes, this incredibly spacious master bedroom houses two full size closets.  The double glass sliding doors reflects natural lights and visually expanding the space.  No more fighting over where to put all your outfits ladies.

Of course this southern estate also comes with a pool, an unbelievably breathtaking view, and
the ultimately lounge zone.

And just as you think this can't get any better ...  well, stop thinking and check out this pool at night time!  Isn't this the prime spot for the sexiest pool party or what?  

Jealous aren't you? This amazing estate belongs to a good friend of mine and lucky me, I have been told that those double doors are always open for us!

Now that I've shown you the estate we stayed at when in Fort Lauderdale, here are a couple of other houses on the block that caught my attention.  This beautiful "white house" is perfectly balanced by the hits of black from the garden lights and the details on the roof.  Now, what do you think is my favourite feature of this home?

Shut Up!! I totally died, gone to heaven, and begged God to let me come back to earth and heart these gold doors for longer!

Here is another home that makes my knees weak with its phenomenal street presence and undeniable art deco flair.

Here is a shot of the front of the house.  What an incredible home and I would totally move into this house in a heart beat!

Hope you enjoy my visit of the "Estates".  Up next is my recap of South Beach in Miami and you won't want to miss it!


  1. Awesome Lucky you Cheers Frances

  2. OK, Officially! LOVE that pool area. Off to get my shorts now... :)

  3. I know!! I'm so going back when I can get some time off and cheap flight. Next trip will have to include a drive to West Palm Spring for crazy deals of the century!

  4. OMG, Tim, next time I'm coming with you!!!!!!!

  5. I don't know why, but I've always had such a soft spot for homes with a spanish-style clay tile roof! They're just so charming. Love these photos Tim!!