Thursday, January 5, 2012

Store Alert: HomeSense

The furniture event is now on at HomeSense and this is the perfect timing for me to share some the gorgeous items I found recently!

Feminine decor is HOT this year.  If you are trying to strike the right balance between masculine and feminine elements, why not pair a beautiful piece of art with an oversized tufted ornament with chunking legs in taupe linen? I can totally see these two items living happily ever after in a dressing room.  The feminine quality of this artwork also reminds me of the gorgeous home of Christine Dovey from Bijou and Boheme! 

As we move from "rustic" to "refined", what speaks luxury and comfort louder than a diamond tufted wingback chair with pewter studs detailing?  I love the soft grey upholstery and that the legs are curvaceous and are in natural wood finish. 

Looking for some dining chairs? These chairs are amazingly comfortable and check out that worldly fabric at the back!

While we are on the topic of dining chairs, here are a couple of simple, elegant options for an elegant dining room.

Another well constructed sofa at HomeSense with trendy studs detail on its arm.  I'm working on a stunning living room makeover and this sofa is hits all the right notes: shape, size, and color.  Sadly I was a few days late and this handsome piece was also sold.

I love to decorate a room with both contemporary and traditional pieces.  I love this Louis XV bench for its traditional line, but reinterpreted with drift wood finish and faux leather upholstery.  

Check out the beautiful carving and the diamond tufted seat.   

Bold black & white stripes and graphic animal prints are hot both in fashion and home decor.  Here are a few I would consider using in my own home.

The Suzanni print remains one of my favourite patterns, especially when it's in a refreshing green & blue palette on an ottoman/coffee table with storage!

Of course some patterns are truly timeless, classic, and will never go out of style.  Here are a couple of stunning examples in the form of nesting tables and side table with storage.  I have high hope for these nesting tables: you will just have to wait and see what I've planned for them.

Talking about high style at affordable prices, these two gilded gold tables are both under $100 a piece.  They both come with a glass top, and the one on the left is actually at dining table height.  My plan is to custom a piece of round glass at 36" in diameter to turn it into a dining table for the breakfast area at Builder's Dream.

As part of the inVU trend report, mirrored table with champagne frame continues to top the chart as must-have for glamour and sparkle.  Check out this beautiful piece with crazy amount of storage.

I like this dresser as well, especially with the starburst details as knobs.

These beauties are ideal sitting next to a banquette in a dining room.  Love the motifs, the amount of storage, and they both have a mirror top as well.  Talking about doubling your flower budget without breaking the bank!

If you are looking for a console and can't decide if you like Hollywood glam or causal farm house, here are a couple of options for you.  I love the storage capacity with both consoles and digging the extra shelve for the mirror option.   

Talking about "refined" nature inspired decor, this lamp is the perfect combination of natural wood in its purest tone with an elegant, classic execution.

Here is a another take on combining nature with glamour.  I told you I'm crazy about Chinoiserie and this lamp offers you instant gratification for only $49.99!  To further enhance the presence of this lamp, I would find a dynamite fabric from Tonic Living and ask Lia from Mod Pieces to custom a shade for this incredible lamp!  

Now let's talk about accessories.  If you have been following my home's transformation, you know I love corals for their graceful and elegant quality.  To reduce our harm to the environment in the name of home d├ęcor, HomeSense offers us these stunning faux corals on a lucite platforms.  Love to use them on open shelves in the library or home office.  

More amazing accessories to elevate the luxe gentleman club aesthetics in an ordinary home office.

Sarah decorated the entrance of Sarah's House 4 with a black horse sculpture.  Here is a very well priced option in silver!

Speaking of horses, how about these origami inspired animals from the Safari as fun and organic decoration for a kid's room? 

Back to civilization, I'm crazy about the shape of this picture frame and this breathtaking mirror!  They are the perfect accessories for any bedroom or front hall.  A beautiful full length mirror is hard to find, not to mention the unbeatable price tag at only $150!  After all, we always give ourselves a once-over before heading out of the house don't we? 

I love the shape of this clock but not sure if I want it to be a clock.  Confused? Here is what I have in mind: give the frame a coat of paint and replace the clock component with a mirror for an easy, simple DIY.  It is an inexpensive DIY perfect for a weekend warriors. 

Of course no room is completed without decorative pillows.  Here are my top picks from my recent visits.

Floral and botanical prints are still going strong.  Here is how you can incorporate the flower power into your home through artwork and area rugs! 

Many of you asked me about my DIY wreath project for the holidays.  Here is a couple of garlands I found at Sarah's signature blue and green palette!

Be sure to check out HomeSense for their amazing selection during the furniture event.  You won't be disappointed!


  1. I love your homesense posts! I was just there yesterday after a while and I'm going back to buy a chair...but man, I love that brass bell...i need it!

  2. Aaah....I'm in love with that ottoman. It's such a beauty. Hang on...let me just grab my coat - and a plane ticket - and I'll be right over ;)
    LOL. Great finds Tim!

  3. Thanks for all the pics, Tim ! I guess I'm going to Homesense to check out those great finds. I love those Origami inspired cute. Looking forward to seeing what you're doing with the nesting tabels ! (love them as is but if they're not black, love them even more....!)

  4. Ohh, Tim, I do adore your Homesense updates!!! What great finds...must head over tomorrow!! Want that first print for my Glam Cave redo!!

  5. Just wondering what location you found these great pieces at!

  6. Nice - Homesense really does have some amazing finds! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great post Tim! You seem to hit HomeSense just as they get their latest shipment in - you must have an informant! :) I'll have to hit my local one tomorrow.

  8. Ah thanks for the mention sweet of you! I love that painting and the leather tufted bench...oh and the gold side tables too! Homesense is such a favourite of mine!!

  9. Oh, Tim, why do you do this to me? Now I MUST stop into HomeSense on the way home from work tonight!! I love the mirrored cabinet with champagne trim - it would be great in an entry. Wouldn't those coral pieces look great in a little vignette with a lamp and a stack of books? And I'm kinda loving those floral rugs, also, hmmm....

  10. WOW!

    I wonder if HomeGoods will be having the same furniture pieces. All of that stuff is just amazing.

    The striped chair, the pillows. Makes a designer salivate for sure.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  11. Thanks everyone for your comment! I had so much fun at a couple of my local HomeSense! I actually was there this morning again and found quite a few more amazing pieces!

    Will be sharing with you all next week!

  12. Love so many of these items! Thanks for the heads up about feminine decor!

  13. HomeSense is getting better all the time! I have been to a few from north of TO to Southwestern Ontario and they all have most of the items you showcased! I am off to see if my local store has the horse, I am so in love with it!

  14. So glad to have found your awesome blog over at hodge;podge today. I look forward to following along:)