Sunday, January 15, 2012

Store Alert: HomeSense Edition

Morning everyone!  The furniture event is going strong and BEAUTIFUL at HomeSense this season.  Just as I thought I had shown you all the good pieces last week, here is how HomeSense proves me wrong!

Starting off with larger pieces, this tailored, masculine sofa upholstered in durable soft grey cotton hits all the right notes.   

It's got nailhead details in brass, tapered legs in espresso, high narrow arms, a couple of bolster pillows, and it is extremely comfortable!

Here is another amazing option if you are looking for a stylish 3-seater with tufted diamond details and turned legs for a classic touch.  

I'm currently working on a living/dining room decorating project, so my radar is on high alert when I see sculptural dining chairs.  These gorgeous chairs caught my eyes with its tufted details and oversized pewter nailhead at the back.  The only thing I'm not too sure about is the off-white cotton/linen blend: durable or no red wine in dining room?        

Then I spotted this handsome option.  It has a great presence and that tone-on-tone fabric in grey will hide all wear and tear.  The only issue I found was that the back felt a little "tight" due to the wing back construction.    

Here are a couple of French farm house inspired options that remind me of the House & Home Show Home.

This timeless medallion motif is never out of style, which makes it one of my No.1 choices as dining chair upholstery fabric.  While the set with soft blue accent is a match made in Heaven with "Tangerine Tango", this stunning chair on the right is truly a winner!  It has soft warm grey with cream medallions as backdrop, which complement the espresso legs beautifully.  Its neutral palette also makes it the perfect mate to your ever changing color scheme! 

I'm a big fan of Christine from Bijou and Boheme.  Christine's home was recently featured on Steven & Chris, and I was floored when I saw her spaces!  When I saw this chair, I thought: "Wow, I have got to pick it up for Christine!".  It is feminine and sumptuous, and now I want one for myself!

I don't often go for matchy-matchy, but could a magnolia artwork be too much of a good thing to co-exist in the same room with this beautiful chair?  Wrap this up for me please!

I'm also looking for a pair of arm chairs for my dining room project.  Option 1 is a modern interpretation of a Louis XV chair: upholstered in pale grey linen with a drift wood finish frame.

Option 2 has a similar drift wood finish for its frame and I love the classic stripped linen upholstery.  My heart skipped a beat when I was option 3.  I love the narrow arms with nailhead details, the vibrant green fabric pairing with leg in natural wood finish, and I am banana crazy about that curves at the top of its arms!    

For the living room, I'm searching for a pair of chairs to sit in front of the bay window.  I'm thinking wing back and here are a couple of options I spotted on this trip.  I like the arm detail and fabric play on option 1 but I also love the simplicity of option 2.  Which one would you pick?

Option 3 offers drama and impact to our bay window with this graphic black and white settee.  This fabric remind me of the Chenonceau by Schumacher.

While we are on upholstered furniture talk, let me show you a few benches and stools I love to place in any front hall for first impression.  This bench has an art deco flair and it reminds me of the homes in the Hollywood.

Again, diamond tufting detail and this bench also has a matching friend.

This bench has a French inspired fabric as upholstery.  The ebony legs complement the natural linen fabric and the oversized nailhead seamlessly.  Who wouldn't want to sit on this bench?  

I have seen cross leg stools on magazines many times and was delighted to have spotted this cute little number.  It actually reminds me of the famous barcelona chair.  I love how the fabric gives this classic stool a more contemporary edge and I know a pair of this beauty will sit lovingly under a glass waterfall console table.  This one is coming home with me.

If you have a small foyer and don't have enough room for a bench, how about these well constructed and unique options?  They are both upholstered in white faux leather for high style and maximum durability.

A well executed living room also needs a dynamite coffee table.  This solid piece has a traditional appeal.  It is on brass casters and for an added bonus, it even has a lower shelve!  

Check out these beautiful details on the side and the trellis design at the top!

Working on a bedroom makeover? HomeSense has got you covered.  This dresser has 9 deep drawers with dovetail construction.  I love the simple moulding details on the drawer fronts and check out these campaign handles!

Did you see that gracious camel back headboard behind the dresser?  I love a similar one at Lindsay's bedroom.  If you are in the market for a luxurious and elegant headboard, here is your chance to get one.  Cream or charcoal, the choice is yours.

A few more headboards to choice from.  This little one on the left is my favourite.  I don't need another headboard now but will make one looking just like this one day!

We are no longer confined to use bedside table as "bedside table" anymore.  These two tables the ideal bedside tables in my books.  They are perfect in scale, have plenty of storage, and have a large surface for a nice size lamp, a couple of picture frames, and little vase with your fresh blooms.


Enough about furniture, let's talk about some fun decoration.  I love these nature inspired pillows with bird and butterflies embroidery.  This may also be your ticket to inject "Tangerine Orange" in your home.

Talking about nature inspired decor, I absolutely love this rug! Really, I LOVE this rug!!  But I was one step too late and the lady in front of me now has it in her home.


Gold gilded mirror is hot this year and these are the ones I saw during this trip.  I've never met a sunburst mirror I don't like.  In this case, I love the one of the left so much that I picked up two! Will have them hung on top of each other for a very dramatic focal point.

These two mirrors reminds me of Sarah Richardson.  Couldn't you see her using these in Sarah's House? A similar one was used above the fireplace in Sarah's House Season 1 and this French inspired mirror reminds me of the fireplace from the Door Store in Sarah's House 4.

HomeSense also just received a large shipping of luxurious lamps from Ralph Lauren Home.  I love this blue & white Asian inspired lamp with solid wood base.  It's elegant, sophisticated, and it will look amazing in my living room project pairing with "crystal lake" from Robert Allen.

I also like this white one with a fish scale motif.  If you are looking for a lamp with incredible presence that is also truly versatile to in any decorating style (tradition, contemporary, art deco, you name it), Ralph Lauren Home has got you covered!  

I am also completely obsessed with warm metal this season.  It took me more than 30 minutes to convince myself I don't need another table lamp.  For only $70, this Ralph Lauren swing arm lamp offers great bang for your buck.

Sarah has used horses in her decoration in Sarah's House 4 repeatedly and of course I now got the "horse fever".  This one in white is slightly smaller in scale, so I would use it in an office.  For a more dramatic look, have it sprayed in a high gloss black and contact Lia from Mod Pieces for custom a black shade with gold lining.    

Now if you are looking for a pair of large and stately lamps to ground your spacious living room, this pair maybe your answer.  I love these traditional lamps with a modern twist: gun metal grey base and matching lining for the shade.  Are these lamps every man's dreams come true?

I love accessories! Did I say it out loud? But how can I not when you see these beautiful ones in white! I love this ginger jar (you've seen them in my dining room) and this one is huge!  This "bathroom accessory" with a basket motif by Ralph Lauren has a Chinoiserie vibe and I would use it as a vase for flowers.

Speaking of vases for fresh blooms, here are a couple of fantastic options.  I am crazy about the link motif and crackle finish on this "lantern".  To turn it into a vase, all you need to do is to put a glass vase inside.  For added ambience, you can also put an electric votive candle to create a warm glow.

Glass dome with potted flower is not something new.  However, I have recently been inspired again by Christine from Bijou and Boheme with her images from the magazine shoot.  A couple of blooms and a glass vase in a dorm, how refreshing!      

I love birds and just have to share with you the ones I found this time.  Aren't they adorable?  Love that all these pieces are actually functional and not just for decoration.

Speaking about attractive and functional decoration, these glass boxes with metal frames (I've seen similar ones at Pottery Barn) are fantastic storage solution for jewelry.

Storage boxes hide all clutters.  These mod black and white boxes have unbelievable style and are you ready for this? The black and white fabric is actually a linen with cut velvet!  Yes the black strips are in cut velvet.  So luxurious and decadent.

Ikat is hot and so are all these patterns!  These boxes are perfect for any home office to keep all the papers under control.  

Now here is a set I would use in my own home office!  Soft grey with sky blue lining, and birds all over them, of course I'm in!

Here is Part 2 of my HomeSense report. Hope I have inspired you to out of the house on this sunny but very cold Sunday.  I'm ready to get out for a walk in the woods and then another trip to HomeSense.  Until next time!


  1. great finds tim! I was planning to 'work' all day but now you have me tempted to hit a local Homesense! Love that brass lamp and those lovely chairs!

  2. Wow, you have an amazing Homesense! I am afraid to go in ours now--might be too tempting

  3. Was this all at one store? You seem to hit it at the right time - love homesense!

  4. You have found so many beautiful things in one trip. I am so in love with the cream wingback chair, the dresser, the headboard with nailhead trim, the turquoise side table, the dining chair with the floral details at the back and the French inspired mirrors. Our local HomeGoods didn't have as much fabulous selections.

    Have a good weekend!


  5. You make me want to hop in my car and go to my local Home Sense!

    I was there last weekend and spotted a few great finds, but nothing as good as this! I'm looking for some bathroom accessories for my bathroom renovation (you can see my mood board at and that basket weave Ralph Lauren number fits the bill!


  6. Believe it or not ladies, all of these are found within 3 HomeSense in the Kitchener/Waterloo area! I fell in love with the cream dining chair with white medallions and was on a witch hunt for 5 more! So I checked all stores in the area and casted a wide net to all friends on tweeter to keep an eye on this chair.

    No luck in finding more so far and don't think it will happen. fingers crossed though my widely casted net will somehow bring me some good news!

  7. those moroccan shaped headboards. And, that first sofa is positively gorg! Thanks Tim for the lil' tour ;) Love it!

  8. Tim, you are so good at spotting all of the best stuff at HomeSense. Such a good eye!! Good luck finding more of those chairs ;-)

  9. I am beyond jealous at the furniture available in Canada and the States. I think I would fall to my knees and cry for joy if I ever saw anything this gorgeous at an average store in Australia! :) Love those wingchairs, both would be a gorgeous option.

  10. You must have been there for hours! I LOVED the bird cage printed storage boxes - I just them at my HomeSense. But they had a weird smell and my store only had teeny boxes that were of no use to me and my heaps of junk. But that print made me crazy and I kept fondling it until Hubby dragged me a way. Wish I could just buy a bolt of that fabric!

  11. These finds were all in KW? Wow, thats my area!! Do you remember how much the headboards were? I am in the market for one and found a perfect grey number at Cornerstone's in Cambridge for 1300. Is it worth checking the Homesense ones out?

  12. HomeSense does have many good pieces and I have found many great items in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

    Yes @HendersonHome, those head boards were spotted in the Northfield Drive location and I believe they range from $299 to $499 depending on the size. So yes, definitely check out HomeSense before buying one for $1300.

  13. I love the blue and white RL lamp. Do you know where I can find them? Don't see them anymore at my neighborhood HomeSense. I am also looking for a pair of upholstered accent chair, only found one and I bought it, but nowhere to find the other....