Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guest Post ~ hodge:podge

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm in the process of getting my next trend report ready for you all tomorrow, a guest post for an amazing designer/ design blogger on home organization, and starting a decoration project for an incredible up town home.  While I'm running like a mad man to get a handle of all that, I'm up on the moon excited, and very honoured, to share with the DesignMaze and yours truly has been featured on hodge:podge!!

I love Barb and first discovered her blog through Jen at Rambling Renovators.  I love her DIY (very creative and what a handy woman!) and her So Canadian, eh series.  Check out her impressive guest lists on the So Canadian, eh series and you will find my No. 1 design idol, Tommy Smythe, was also one of Barb's guests!           

image via hodge:podge
Thanks Barb for featuring me on hodge:podge, and I look forward to your amazing guest interviews and inspirational DIYs to come in 2012!   


  1. Congratulations Tim!!! I just read the interview and you were fabulous! Your condo is so amazing. You have such an eye for styling vignettes (my fav thing to do) and photographing interiors (my other fav thing to do)! Sooooooo excited to follow along on your adventures in 2012. Your new blog series sounds awesome.

  2. Just read the interview, Tim, and it's awesome!! You have such a talent, it would be incredible for you to work with Sarah & Tommy on a project, I know that would be your dream come true.
    See you soon!!

  3. Just Awesome! Congrat's on a great interview!!

  4. Really - an auditor?! I am floored! Your talent is awesome and I love seeing pictures of your condo and your work. Interiors are where you're meant to be :)

  5. Aww.. shucks. Thanks TIm. I was truly honoured to have you on my blog!

  6. Thanks Ladies! The interview was so much fun. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for having me Barb and yes ladies, I am an auditor!

  7. Loved reading all about you at Hodge Podge and loving your blog.