Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Post at Decor Happy

Morning everyone!  I'm very excited to be Vanessa's guest on Decor Happy today and be part of her "A Place for Everything: An Organizing Guest Post Series".

I have so much fun sharing my secrets on storage solution and closet organization.  If you live in a small space where storage is at a premium, you won't want to miss it.  And if you want to peek inside my closet (first time ever in DesignMaze's history), you definitely have to check out Decor Happy


  1. Thank you Tim! I'm the one that's honoured (mutual admiration club)as I didn't realize you haven't shown your closets on your blog. Thanks again! xo

  2. Very good tip Tim !! I can't wait to to do my bedroom closet with PAX system :)

  3. Tim, Your home is beautiful and you are a very clever/talented designer! I love the way you maximized storage by adding the built-in system look around your headboard and bed - it looks very custom, only to find out you pieced it together with the PAX system and some cabinetry! I was admiring your shells and accessories that are stored away in the shelving -- I'd love those pieces out on display around my house! Thank you for sharing - and to Vanessa for a great series!

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I have fun incorporating my storage solutions into the space limited condo. The closets are filled to the max I am telling you and these smart storage solutions definitely help.

    Glad to hear the post has inspired some of you and hope you will try out some of them in your own home.