Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sarah's House 4: Special Edition

Sarah's House 4 might have finished airing its first round last week, but my Sarah's fever remains at all time high.  Today, let's me share with you a two part interview with Sarah and Tommy talking about their adventure on this suburban home, how to turn the basic box into a home with characters and soul, and loads of tips to take home with you!

Sarah was also on The Global Morning Show with Liza Fromer last week.  I saw Sarah's update on Facebook just in time before the segment started.  Lucky you, here is Sarah's tips on kitchen renovation and how to pick your paint colors.

Love these interviews but I still needed more to help lower my Sarah's fever.  So I went on a quest to find furniture pieces that were featured in Sarah's House.  In this case, I found a few pieces that were used in Sarah's House Season 1!

Remember this exquisite dining room? I love the shimmery wallpaper, the gorgeous glass + crystal sconces and chandelier, the luxe diamond tufted banquette, and these custom claw-foot dining chairs.

See what I've found!  These chairs are now in a deep espresso finish with trend natural linen seats, and the cross leg table is sprayed a high gloss white.  The banquette is also available for grab in its original glory.  

It was also love in first sight when I first met this sumptuous master bedroom!

If you have a king size bed and still plenty of room for a pair of well proportion bedside tables and lamps, today may just be your lucky day.  These mirrored bedside tables and crystal lamps are also up for sale.  There is a crack on one of the side tables but hey, put a book on it and you won't even know the crack is there.

As the agent always says, Kitchen/Bathroom sells houses.  This gourmet kitchen is definitely a showstopper and if I have the million and change, I would also buy this house in a heart beat!

If you have seen my kitchen, you would know that I've mirrored the color palette and design details in my own kitchen.  I love the open and close storage, the classic oval knobs, the beautiful and maintenance free caesarstone counter top, and the pair of gorgeous Jake bar stools.

Yes, I'm now a proud owner of this pair of original Sarah's House 1 bar stools!

For next week, I will share with you Sarah's farm house all decorated for the holidays!  It was featured in the November 2010 Issue of House & Home.  In case you've missed it the first time around, here is your chance to catch it again.  Better yet, the interview with Sarah was done by none other than our very own fabulously talented Tommy Smythe, and I've got a giveaway you won't want to miss!


  1. Soooo jealous Tim! I love those stools, the fabric is divine. Oh well, if I can't have them, I'm glad you got them!

  2. Hey Tim! What a great compilation! SH1 is great design!

    Where did you find the furniture for sale?

    What is the fabric manufacturer and pattern number of the barstool fabric? I've been researching for that floral pattern for such a long time! Did you purchase through Designer Fabrics?

    Kind regards, Verena

  3. Hi Tim, I'm interested in the table and banquette ... where might I find them?


  4. @verena: will get back to you on the fabric source.

    @mark: send me an email through my website. See my picture on upper right corner and I can send you tO the seller.

  5. Thanks Tim! I sent you my coordinates.


  6. Hi Tim! I love your blog, and congrats on winning the contest recently! can you tell me where you found the mirrored side tables?! Ive been using that episode from Sarah's house as a guide to find those tables for MONTHS!!! this would be the end to my searching!! Please let me know! livingbeautifully1@gmail.com
    thanks so much!!! :) Melissa @ Living Beautifully.