Friday, December 9, 2011

Local Talent: The Penny Paper Co.

Thanks to my little DesignMaze, I've got the opportunities to meet up with some amazingly talented people in their fields, and one of them is Lindsay from the little House Blog.  I first met Lindsay over cyberspace through the Bloggers Give Back project to create a garden oasis at the George Herman House (more exciting news to come on that note), and since then, I have been a big fan of Lindsay's blog!

Here are a couple of inspiring pictures of Lindsay's house.  This bedside table looks stunning doesn't it? It looks very upscale and probably would cost a small fortune at high-end stores.  Believe it or not, this is an IKEA hack thanks to the very handy and creative Lindsay.  Lindsay and I also got similar taste, especially when it comes to vintage furniture.  See the style and the legs of this little desk at the corner of an office nook, I will "time-share" it with Lindsay (and she doesn't know it yet).

Lindsay also has an Oscar at home.  He's such an adorable kid and this my friend, is his equally adorable room!  Who wouldn't want a fresh baby room like this? I don't have a kid and I want this room. .. and this cute yellow bird too!

Lindsay is also the brain behind the fab online stationary store, the Penny Paper Co, since 2004.  Here is the beautiful card with a little bio of Lindsay's Co.

Teaming up with west elm and Etsy, Lindsay showcased her product at west elm's handmade holiday workshop + mini market last week!

This is Lindsay's corner and a group of her loyal supporters!

image via little House Blog

Today I want to share with you some of the simple yet sophisticated, and very elegant stationary and gift packaging ideas from the Penny Paper Co.  We all need a little note pad, either in our home office or office at work.  Instead of going with your regular big box products, why not add a little fun and colors to that routine 9-5 period?  For me, I love the confetti and yellow chevron.

Looking for last minute stylish gift wrapping? Look no further, check out these white stripped bitty bags!

I don't know about you but I think a good selection of twines is not easy to find in store.  At the Penny Paper Co, Lindsay offers you 12 different colors. 

Another gift packaging idea I love is the draw string bag.  They can be customized to whatever message you want (limit by the stamps you have of course) and they are perfect for home baked cookies or premium tea bags.  

Now if you don't have a stamp kit at home (Martha's got one and Jen from Rambling Renovators is now an inspired "stamper"), you can pick one of Lindsay's templates or custom design one yourself!

This wreath stamp is my favorite and would love "DM" for DesignMaze ... not sure if the space would allow both letters.

Being a blogger, it's a lot easier to ask permission for photo taking if you have your calling cards with you.  Lindsay has great designs for calling cards and I found myself being drawn to chevron and confetti designs again! 

I've told you Lindsay is one of the creative brains behind the meaningful Bloggers Give Back project.  Lindsay is also partnered with to help raise funds for the SickKids Foundation.  If you are thinking about printing calling cards, check out the Penny Paper Co!  From now until December 16th, you will receive a 25% discount on your entire calling card order by putting in promo code "DESIGNMAZE".  Now that's what I call fantastic shopping for good cause!

Big thank you again to little House Blog and Penny Paper Co. for the amazing images you see on this post and the discount code for my readers!


  1. Thanks for the super sweet post Tim! Love!

  2. Lindsay is so creative, it's awesome!! It was great seeing Lindsay, Vanessa, Amy and you at this West Elm event. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in January for Blog Podium & IDS 2012!!

  3. Great post Tim! Lindsay did my business cards and is doing some other work for me - love her! And don't we all look so cute in the photo. (I don't have that wild, fluffy pillow behind my head. :)

  4. Aw, what a sweet post Tim! Lindsay is an awesome talent as we all know - she's always an inspiration. And kudos to you Tim for recognizing other bloggers. We have such a supportive community here!

  5. Thanks ladies! I love Lindsay's style and her creative work! How can I not write about her? You ladies just be careful a post about you may sneak up on you :)