Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Post: Top 10 UK Christmas Decorations

We are official in December and that means there's only 20 days before Christmas!  I love all things British, especially with it comes to the vibrant city life at London, and the incredible lighting by Tom Dixon.  So, I'm thrilled to present to you today's guest post from the United Kingdom! 

Amy Heritage, the interior design expert from, is here today to share with us her Top 10 UK Christmas Decorations.  Not in the UK, no problem.  All the featured products are from companies who ships overseas!  Without further delays, here is Amy.

Christmas is such an exciting time for interior design – it’s all about glitz, sparkle and having fun. Against the backdrop of the dull nights of December, our homes take on new, glamorous personas – full of warmth and festive cheer. These are my favourite decorations in the UK at the moment, and they are all available through international shipping (usually charged at £25). 

Candles are great any time of the year, but particularly at Christmas, when they give a warm glow to the dark nights.  Our favourites are these 'Christmas Tree' shapes from British institution John Lewis.  They would look beautiful lined up on a windowsill - almost like your own little forest!  We love the muted, natural colours they come in too - very simple, but very effective.

We didn’t think anything new or exciting could happen to fairy lights - but these hand crafted Pick and Mix lights from Not On The High Street have proved us wrong. You can choose any colour you want from the colour palate on the website, which is a nice personal touch.

Okay, so this oil cloth might not be the Sunday best, but it's easy to clean and durable - two things that make Christmas dinner a lot easier. Plus, the 'kissing' reindeer pattern is just too cute to ignore. It's made by Anorak - a very quirky little British design brand, and available to buy from John Lewis.

No British Christmas would be complete without something from iconic London store Harrods. These luxury Christmas crackers are beautifully feminine, and refreshingly different - not to mention the delicious luxury chocolates hidden inside!

As someone who loves crafts and making their own gifts at Christmas, I absolutely adore these red and green paper bags. Their vintage aesthetic is very appealing - they look like traditional British sweet shop bags (or something straight from Santa's workship). You could fill them with home-made chocolates and pop them on the dinner table, or hang them from the tree.

This paper Santa caught my eye because he's so colourful and fun - a good impulse buy. Utility is a very cool British design store in the North of England. I love buying quirky Christmas presents here and their wrapping paper is amazing!

This cushion, from another British shopping institution 'Marks and Spencer', is made using recycled materials so it's environmentally friendly. It's also very kitsch and reminds me of big knitted Christmas jumpers, mulled wine and watching Home Alone 1, 2 & 3 on Christmas Day!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a well decorated tree. These globe baubles from online store Rockettstgeorge aren't traditionally 'Christmassy' but they are nice for the avid traveller. I especially like the vintage style - a good alternative for when you're sick of traditional decorations.

Also from Rockettstgeorge, this wooden reindeer is very rustic chic. Organic materials like wood always seem to make things feel more homely, don't they?

Finally from John Lewis, I couldn’t resist this cute little fellow. Novelty baubles are becoming quite the rage in the UK and are shaped like everything from Father Christmases, to friendly snowman. I’ve spotted some beautiful porcelain decorations too, but the upside of this metal one is that it probably won’t smash if you drop it!

So what do you think? My favourite is this metal fella and the wood reindeer as Christmas ornaments. What a cute little surprise and unexpected twist to traditional Christmas decoration. The Brits do know best when it comes to expanding our design horizons and stimulating our visual senses with brilliant ideas!

Thanks Amy from for her Top 10 Christmas Picks! I look forward to having Amy back for more in 2012 to share with us the latest and hottest from the UK!

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