Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the Bay: Christmas Spirits Special

Christmas is less than a week away and my holiday spirit is now at all time high.  I have saved my favourite Christmas posts for this week and today, we are having another tour at the Bay.  You've seen my inspirational walk-through at the Christmas Street with the talented Brian Gluckstein and Arren Williams, today's post is all about the intricately decorated windows at the Bay's flagship store.   I was amazed by the windows (here & here) at NYC last year but in my opinion, the Bay has done a better job than Macys!

The theme of the windows this year is all about the Christmas Spirit, starting with the first window showcasing Santa's workshop.  After all, this is where all our wish lists become the beautifully wrapped presents under our Christmas tree!       

"The clock is ticking and the hours are dwindling.  The toyshop is bustling as the elves are preparing.  The List is revised and a plan is devised.  There is no time to pause for old Santa Claus."

Second window gives us an idea of what it is like at the 11th hour up at North Pole.  It is all hands on deck to load up Santa's slay!  Love the miniature outfits on the elves with the Bay's signature stripe!

"With Christmas approaching, young children are hoping that their presents will reach them according to plan, all wonderfully donated by a generous man.  So Santa's little helpers make sure all is right, so that nothing will go wrong on that faithful night.  They work with much diligence and a great deal of pride thus ensuring that Santa will have a smooth ride."

At the exact moment in town, everyone is getting their finishing decoration done and last minute shopping of course.

"One more quick stop; this is the very last shop.  Add the gift to the stack; it's time to head back.  The stockings are hung; the festivities have begun.  The carollers are singing; what a wonderful evening!"

On Christmas Day, after pulling an all-nighter Santa is now at home for a well deserved cozy meal with his little helpers!

"A job well done merits plenty of cheer, a toast from your friends, and a hug from your dear.  So celebrate the festivities in grandiose style, with a cup of eggnog and cookies piled high."

Aside from the fabulous story windows, the Bay also did a fantastic job in dressing their fashion windows that are both festive and fashion forward.  I love this man's corner with the wood craved deer outfitted with scarf in the Bay's signature stripe and the sparkly husky.

Christmas is all about fab holiday parties and here are the glam windows for all the ladies and gents!

I have not been focusing on lady's fashion for awhile but loving this window with the use of faux fur, the luxe bright yellow jacket, the "Tangerine Tango" dress at the back, the sparkly Christmas trees, and that breathtaking landscape of Banff with full moon as backdrop.

Here comes the perfect country chic log cabin.  Santa, if you are reading this, I wish for one of these at country side very soon.

Still haven't figured out how to dress your home for the holidays this year? Here are a couple of fab suggestions for you to choose from, with all decoration available at the Christmas Street.  First up is the nature inspired vignette with the mix of white and grey color palette, with many products from Gluckstein's "Snow Capped" collection.  The overall impression is a calm, relaxed, festive dining space.

And if I were ever to decorate my place with a traditional & classic sensibility, this is what I would do in my own home!  Love the oversized berries wreath and the antler plaque as focal point!  Of course I am also in love with the wool throw on the bench!

I have been talking about the signature stripe from the Bay.  Here are a few more products that are truly classic and Canadian.  I'm sure Chris wants this canoe!

I just couldn't resist these two adorable images.  Doggie and Baby .... oh I love them both!

The Bay has exceeded my expectation with their decoration this year.  Hats off to Arren and his talented team, you guys have done a fabulous job!


  1. I was down a couple of weeks ago and stopped into the Bay. Everthing was wonderful in the christmas Street. Thanks for the post I enjoyed your pictures. cheers and Merry Christmas Frances

  2. So happy I found your blog (the comment from Frances above, thats my mommy!) I found you on twitter as well! (@cupcakebaker11) I'm so happy to have found more Canadian design blogs! All the best for 2012 and Merry Christmas!