Monday, November 14, 2011

West Elm: Holidays Edition

I've shown you the fabulous Christmas Street at the Bay last week.  For week two of my Christmas countdown, I am sharing with you all the amazing decorations at West Elm.  I was greeted by this beautiful vignette the moment I walked into the store.  I love deep indigo blue and this one has a smokey quality to it.  Pairing with grey upholstery furniture, antique mirrored coffee table, and a delicate capiz chandelier (it was used in the Kitchen of Sarah's House 4!), this vignette scored high on my book.

Of course I felt in love with the board after I read the message on it: Your List Just Got Longer!  Yes, my list got much longer after this visit and I'm sure your list will too after reading this holidays report.

Known for its contemporary and modern aesthetics, West Elm came up with three different palettes for Christmas 2011.  First off is White Christmas.  This collection is all about white, silver, crystal, and of course feather!    

There are many feather birds out in the market, I particular love this one for the soft feather as its tail and look at those adorable black eyes!  These clear glass ornaments are filled with fluffy white down feathers for a touch of luxury and elegance.

I also love these Santas and tear drop ornaments in matte white.  The perfect complement to all the sparkles and glitters.

Here is the jewel of the collection: intricate glass mini chandelier ornaments!  They need not to be limited as ornaments on your tree.  How about hanging these mini chandeliers from your dining room chandelier?

I am a big fan of feather and these two wreaths are perfect in any rooms.

With many of us living in open concept spaces, it is important to make sure the decor style is consistent between the attached or adjacent living/dining spaces.  Here is the perfect dining room to go with our White Christmas story board.  With glass links chandelier, sparkling dessert stands with birdie detail, and a few more classy votives, this dining room is set to impress your guests.  

You will be serving wine or cocktail at your party, why not carry the birdie theme into bottle stoppers and martini strippers.

For a touch of nature, I love these plates with deers.  Can totally see them in my dining room.

No cozy intimate dining party is complete without the warm glows from candles.  Here is my all time favourite branch candelabra.  Owl is so hot this year, maybe you would like to take this home?

If you prefer white, here are a collection of all white accessories for your home.  Love these votive holders (imagine that beautiful soft glows) and do I need to say more of this owl snow globe?  It is magical!

Looking for a way to use your beautiful tray at home? Here are a couple of ingenious ideas for you.

If you are about to get "white" out, maybe Creature Comforts is what you are looking for.  It is all about woodsy and the great outdoor.  I love this giant star ornament with birch bark underneath and pure wool wraps on top.

Check out these cutesy little creatures!  I called them Foxy and Poley.

This theme is ideal for a rustic cabin and what's more appropriate than this wire pendant?

And this is the living room for Creature Comforts.  The sea grass rug, wicker baskets filled with pillows and throws, and a woodsy floor lamp, the only thing you need is a cozy fire place and perhaps a blizzard outside?

Cabin living is all about casual comfort and not having to worry about spills. This ottoman covered in blue/white woven fabric (tough as rug) has my favourite color indigo blue/white combo and the durability Chris is looking for.  Best of all, the floor model is on sale for $450!  Of course, I also dig these blue/white dishes, vases, and napkins.

Have been looking for a coat rack for a long time.  This branch coat rack  maybe it!  Also like this woodsy short boy.

A rope table lamp and a couple of industrial glass jar pendants to complete this causal cabin retreat.

Well maybe with a few more accessories including this wooden sphere, a tree snow globe, and a few more earthy vases ... to really complete the look.

Both White Christmas and Creature Comforts are full of neutrals.  West Elm hasn't forgot about you color lovers and let me present to you "Merry + Bright":

This collection is all about whimsy and bold colors.  Nothing is too serious and it serves as yet another alternative between the rustic Creature Comforts and the delicate White Christmas.

Looking for a contemporary spin on nutcrackers, here are a couple of fun options in red (they are actually elfs) and white.

Carrying on with the red and white theme, here are a couple of options for whimsical candles.  Santa or Moose, the choice is yours.

"Merry + Bright" is all about colors.  So what's more suitable than a vibrant bright blue accent wall in the dining room?

What an adorable table setting and I'm sure all the kids would love it too! Check out these simple, causal, and beautiful tableware!  Love the pop of red and green!

Charming Santa on your paper napkins, high gloss lacquered tray in bright apple green, and mod red + white containers.

This plate is the perfect candidate for inexpensive wall art and I love these cozy felt coasters.  Don't they look great together in this bowl?

This slipper chair and the rocker are the chairs for "Merry + Bright".  

Also love this mid-century inspired dipped side table and this almost storybook-like dining set!

To up the fun factor, how about the Finn chandelier and the long arm chandelier in the dining room?

A couple of my personal favourites from this visit: the foxed mirror coffee table and taper shade floor lamp.

Haven't seen a bird I don't like yet at West Elm.  Here is a ring dish and an oil + vinegar set.

I love stripes and these are my favourites hand towels!

That's a wrap for my holiday special at West Elm.  Couldn't you tell my list got really really long after this visit?  I'm sure you want a few things for yourself as well.  Toronto is the only store in Canada (lucky me) at this point, but West Elm ships anywhere in Canada (for the smaller pieces).    So start clicking away and pile your favourites in your cart!

I have been busy hitting stores for Christmas inspiration.  Indigo is up next week and you won't want to miss it!


  1. Great round-up Tim - you make me want to go immediately! I love the feather wreaths and all the white that seems so prominent this season. And their plates are too cute!

  2. oooh i should go! Love that wire chandelier and the glass pendants...and the feather wreaths - really want one of those this year :)

  3. Love all the 'bird' items! Gorgeous! Def need to make a trip there this weekend!